Top 5 Videos: Celebrate 3D Printing Day!

Published on December 3, 2023 by Michael M.

Happy 3D Printing Day! Yes, you heard right! Coined back in 2013 by GE with the catchy line “going 3D on D3,” the third day of December has become a time to reflect on the additive manufacturing industry and marvel at how far it has come. To celebrate this event, we have prepared some of the most interesting, entertaining, and enjoyable 3Dnatives videos of the past few years! Rest assured, it was not easy to choose, but we’ve found five videos with five different formats that we are constantly working on to keep you up to date with the latest news from the 3D printing industry! Among them, we have one of the episodes of the 3D Explained series where our 3Dnatives professional takes us through the various technologies, explaining them in just a few minutes. We also have one of our 3Dinterviews to find out how Hendrick Motorsports uses additive manufacturing. Next, is a video all about the applications of additive manufacturing in the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympics, before a chat with Sherri Monroe, Executive Director of AMGTA. We end on a high note with ImplementAM which brings attention to the importance of training in the AM industry. Enjoy the videos and have a happy 3D Printing Day!

Top 1: 3D Printing with Polymers

We begin with a video in our “3D Explained” series in which we journey into the vast world of polymers used in 3D printing. This is just the first episode of a multi-part series in which 3Dnatives’ own Elliot Saldukaite teaches brief, but educational videos dedicated to the ins and outs of 3D printing fundamentals. Haven’t seen the series yet? This is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the qualities and characteristics of standard polymer materials used in 3D printing and which could be right for your project. An ideal short video for 3D printing enthusiasts and those who plan to start experimenting with the technology! What better way to celebrate 3D Printing Day?

Top 2: #3Dinterview with Hendrick Motorsports

One of the areas where 3D printing finds application is definitely on the racetrack. So, let us take you back to a video interview that automotive and 3D printing enthusiasts will enjoy! Learn how 3D printing has become an indispensable technology in the automotive industry, with collaborations continually pushing the boundaries to help drivers achieve peak performance. Our interview with Hendrick Motorsports, the team behind NASCAR’s Garage 56, reveals the innovative use of 3D printing and its significant impact on participation in the prestigious-yet-gruelling, 24-hour race of Le Mans in France.

Top 3: 3D Printing at the Paris 2024 Olympics

Next summer, the Olympic Games will take place in Paris and 3Dnatives has taken a look at the relevance 3D printing will have at this sporting event! Some companies are becoming increasingly involved with new and modern technologies such as additive manufacturing. AM is finding more and more applications, including in sports. In this video, you can see some interesting applications of additive manufacturing in projects developed for previous Olympics or for next year’s Olympics. A 3D printed ferry for the Seine River, bicycles, and 3D parts for many other sports. Don’t wait to give it a look!

Top 4: #Talk3D Interview With Sherri Monroe, Executive Director of AMGTA

This video in our Talk3D series was filmed by 3Dnatives with Sherri Monroe from the Additive Manufacturing Green Trade Association (AMGTA). She answered some questions about her view on the importance of 3D printing and how it has changed over the years. Additive manufacturing is playing an increasingly important role, as is the issue of sustainability, which many companies are also confronted with. The AMGTA has set itself the goal of promoting the environmental benefits of additive manufacturing over traditional production methods. It was founded in 2019, now has around 50 members and has been led by Sherri Monroe since June 2022. To mark 3D Printing Day today, we are revisiting this interview to highlight the benefits and positive impacts of 3D printing and the further potential of the industry.

Top 5: ImplementAM and The Importance of Training in Additive Manufacturing

To conclude, we bring you one of our most recent videos in which we discuss the importance of training in the AM industry with the young company ImplementAM. One of the biggest barriers to the adoption of additive manufacturing is precisely the lack of specialized training, but what can we do to solve this problem? ImplementAM has become known for its mission to spread 3D printing education in the United States with workshops that are both educational and informal at the same time. We spoke with Kristin Mulherin, co-founder of the company, and Stefan Jones, president of Elinik Systems, to learn more! We are excited to attend their upcoming workshops across the United States, and we hope they might expand to Europe someday as well!

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