Top 5 Videos: When Basketry Meets 3D Printing…

Published on April 18, 2021 by Amelia H.
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The first video of our selection this week focuses on the Crossing Parallels project which examines the potential link between basketry and 3D printing. So how can 3D technologies help to take this craft skill to the next level? Designer Amandine David explored the associated challenges. Finally, we will give you a tour of EOS’ showroom, one of the largest manufacturers of industrial machinery in the world. In any case, we wish you all a good Sunday!

Top 1: Crossing Parallels, between technology and craftsmanship

The Crossing Parallels project was created by designer Amandine David who wanted to explore different techniques for making objects. She worked with Esmé Hofman, expert in basketry, and Joris van Tubergen, specialist in 3D printing, to understand how technology and craftsmanship could combine to design bags and hats. Basketry is the art of braiding plant fibers to design objects. In Esme’s case, it involves hand winding different strands of fibers on themselves. The idea for this spiral led Joris van Tubergen to develop a rotating 3D printer, allowing more precise and larger shapes to be printed. It was used to print flexible fibers, following Amandine’s designs. These fibers are then shaped by Esmé using traditional basketry techniques. We’ll let you discover the final result for yourself!

Top 2: TRUMPF’s Expert on the Benefits of AM

This edition of TRUMPF’s expert series focuses on the benefits of additive manufacturing for different industries and applications. The short video is led by Cody Ratcliffe, an additive application engineer at TRUMPF Inc.’s laser technology center in Plymouth, Michigan. He explains how additive manufacturing is becoming increasingly useful across several industries, but most notably in medicine and aerospace wherein the standards for parts face some of the strictest standards. Using 3D printers from its TruPrint series, TRUMPF offers lots of solutions from small run component parts to large scale builds and multiple component parts built on one part. You can find out more in the video below:

Top 3: EOS Experience Tour

EOS is one of the long-established players in additive manufacturing. Today the company offers a wide range of solutions, compatible with polymers or metals. Specializing in selective laser sintering technology and laser powder bed fusion, the company has many customers around the world. In the video below, you will discover the EOS showroom located in Krailling in Germany and more particularly the various metal 3D printers offered by the company. Enjoy your visit !

Top 4: Elementum 3D and SLM Solutions Join Forces

Elementum 3D, a company specializing in the creation of advanced metals, composites, and ceramics, has teamed up with SLM Solutions a manufacturer of metal 3D printers reliant on selective laser melting (SLM) processes. Elementum 3D is committed to supplying the next generation of materials to the manufacturers disrupting the industry in bold innovative ways, such as SLM Solutions. Together the companies hope that this new partnership will offer each party new possibilities in their endeavor for innovation and development. You can find out all about this in the video below:

Top 5: Humanetics and Additive Manufacturing 

The Humanetics Company is the largest manufacturer of anthropomorphic test devices – or shock test dummies – in the world. It now works with the automotive, aerospace and defense sectors. For several years now, the company has been using additive manufacturing and more specifically composite 3D printing to design certain parts of her mannequins. This allows it to obtain components that are very light but as resistant as aluminum: 

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