Top 5 Videos: A 3D Platform for Creating Robots

Published on February 14, 2021 by Amelia H.

This week we are introducing you to LaserFactory. This manufacturing solution uses a laser beam machine to create robots, drones and other types of electronic devices, completely autonomously. This is an industry 4.0 system that may well in the future also be equipped with a 3D printer! We are also taking the opportunity to show you a hut with 3D printed walls as well as behind the scenes of the company, ARAN, which recently acquired an additive micro-manufacturing machine. We wish you all a great Sunday and don’t hesitate to share your videos with us!

TOP 1: LaserFactory, a 3D platform for creating robots

Researchers from the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), have created a system capable of autonomously constructing robots, and functional drones. Thanks to its laser cutter and associated software, it is able to fabricate electronic devices alone. For example, it can cut parts of different sizes and assemble them to form a final object. While the system has yet to integrate a 3D printer, it remains pertinent as a technology that could allow us to create custom parts, on demand and quickly. We’ll let you watch the machine in action :

TOP 2: Siemens and its robotic solutions

Keeping with the robot theme, in this video Siemens explores the how robotics in tandem with additive manufacturing can accelerate production processes. In one machine, the group has combined 3D printing, milling and robotics, all controlled by a SINUMERIK controller that offers automation capabilities. A manufacturing solution such as this not only reduces lead times but also production costs. We’ll leave you with these two experts from Siemens!

Top 3: A wearable third hand

Swiss SLS 3D printing manufacturer Sintratec has created and 3D printed a wearable third hand. This was designed by 3D operator Tomy to assist him in his daily production work when he needed a hand. 3D-printed on the S2 system, the piece consists of a sturdy PA12 wrist brace, a flexible TPE strap and various movable tool attachments, making it ideal for all kinds of craft work. You can see find out more about the creation in the following video:

TOP 4: 3D printing and construction

If you follow 3D printing news, you probably remember this little hut with 3D printed walls, with very original tiling. The Cabin of Curiosities was realized in 2018 by the company Emerging Objects. It is composed of 4,500 tiles printed in 3D based on ceramics. Moreover, the company has confirmed that no two tiles are same! Evidently, it wanted to create an unparalleled aesthetic effect. In the video below, you will have the chance to enter the house and discover all the surprises it contains:

TOP 5 : A first 3D micro-printer

The Israeli company ARAN has just invested and installed its first 3D micro-printer, the Tera 250 developed by Nanofabrica. Even though ARAN has been a master of additive manufacturing for a long time and actively making use of many machines for several years, this is the first time it has acquired a micro-manufacturing solution. This will enable it to meet the demand for extremely precise and innovative micro-parts from across the industry. These parts are not profitable to produce using more traditional processes such as injection molding. You can find out all about this new collaboration below:

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