#TOP5 Videos: 3D Printing for Heart Surgery & More!

Published on January 13, 2019 by Carlota V.

We found the TOP 5 3D printing videos of the week. You can enjoy even more 3D printing videos on the our Youtube channel, as well as share your videos and comment on the article below or on the 3Dnatives’ Facebook or Twitter account. Hope you’ll enjoy and have a great Sunday!


Top 1: The Revolution of 3D Printing for Heart Surgery

At the University of Wisconsin Health System, the heart surgeon, Dr. Anagnostopoulos and his team are using 3D printing for heart surgery. They use the 3D printing technology to design exact models of a patient’s heart and practise complicated surgeries on these. This is yet another way 3D printing is revolutionising the medical field. With its capacity to create exact replicas of someone’s heart, very difficult heart surgeries are becoming feasible. As of now, a completely functioning 3D printed heart ready for transplant is still only a concept but could become reality soon enough. You can find out more from this short video posted by Freethink on Dr. Anagnostopoulos’ work. 

Top 2: 3D Printing and Education

We covered last July a study commissioned by Ricoh Europe. In fact, the study found that of the 3,150 education professionals surveyed, nearly 90% believed that 3D printing and digital manufacturing skills were essential for graduates entering the labour market. It seems that incorporation of 3D printing in education is of upmost importance and not only for the additive manufacturing job market. Vocademy is training students and professionals to advance in the fields of engineering, manufacturing and much more. Naturally, 3D printing is a key skill for these sectors. You can find out more from the short video they put out! 

Top 3: 3D Printed Experimental Food Project

Food designer Chloé Rutzerland has developed a very interesting concept of healthy and sustainable 3D printed snacks that sprout plants and mushrooms for flavour. This edible growth project consists of 3D printed shapes containing a mixture of seeds, spores and yeast which will start to grow after only a few days. This project is not only aesthetically pleasing but pushes the boundaries of our imagination. As Rutzerland explains “You can experiment with new structures. You can surprise the consumer with new food and things that haven’t been done before.” 

Top 4: 3D Printing and Sustainability, Innovation & Growth

We’ve elaborated many times on additive manufacturing’s potential to completely revolutionise our production and consumption systems. It’s also the case of Danish AM Hub who present in their short video some the ways in which they think 3D technologies will disrupt. Their focus is on small and medium sized business models that induce growth, innovation and sustainable solutions.

Top 5: Neutrogena’s 3D Printed Face Mask

Neutrogena announced they had developed a customisable 3D printed face mask, known as the MaskiD. The technology uses photographs from a smartphone to micro 3D print a face mask suited to the consumer’s needs. The printed mask is suited for someone’s skin type and desired treatment. 

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