Top 5 Videos: 3D Technology Used in Food Production Plants

Published on July 25, 2021 by Mikahila L.
Food plant 3D scanning

In this weekly compilation of videos on 3D printing, we will focus on several industries that have adopted additive manufacturing methods. We will start with the food and beverage sector, as 3D technology is increasingly being implemented in food production plants and factories for mass production. We will also learn about the importance of 3D printing training thanks to the testimony of Pablo Ramírez López, a student who has specialized in this technology. We will view fascinating projects such as the 3D printed bridge in Amsterdam and the additive manufacturing revolution in Formula 1 auto racing. Then, we will discover the BCN3D Stratos software, launched by the Barcelona-based company. All of this and much more—enjoy watching!

Top 1: Food Production Plants Using 3D Technology

3D technologies are being used more and more in industrial production plants, with the aim of optimizing processes. In this video, we see the types of 3D inspections that can be performed in the food and beverage industry, which also meet specific requirements to improve manufacturing quality. Volumetric measurement and 3D scanning technologies allow you to identify errors or imperfections on the production line. This significantly streamlines the process as well as reducing the margin of error for the foods in question. Find out below:

Top 2: How is AM Revolutionizing Industry in the Balkans?

Though the use of metal in additive manufacturing (AM) is traditionally associated with lasers (such as in laser powder bed fusion), new metal printing solutions are continuously being developed. This 3Dnatives webinar, “How is AM Revolutionizing Industry in the Balkans?” focuses on the impact that AM has had in Southeast Europe. There has been exceptional investment from leading AM manufacturers in the region and today there are a breadth of AM technologies available in a variety of industries—check out this webinar to discover the transformation happening in the Balkans:

Top 3: Amsterdam’s 3D Printed Metal Bridge

On July 15, the Queen of the Netherlands inaugurated a 3D-printed metal bridge in the heart of the Dutch capital. Located in the Red Light District, the bridge was designed by the MX3D company and using WAAM (Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing) technology. In the end, it took the company 6 years to build it and no less than 6,000 kilos of steel! Measuring 12.2 meters long, 6.3 meters wide, and 2.1 meters high, the bridge is equipped with sensors to collect information on crowd behavior and the impact of tourism:

Top 4: BCN3D Stratos Software

Recently, the Spanish company BCN3D announced the launch of its 3D printing software. The so-called BCN3D Stratos is a solution to increase the ease of use and extend the functionalities of the user, allowing perfect communication between the program and the family of products Epsilon and Sigma of the manufacturer. With this software, companies and professionals can get the most out of their production. According to BCN3D, this design for simulation and functionality generates high-quality parts easily. We let you see the introductory video below:

Top 5: Additive Manufacturing in Formula 1

In the automotive sector, 3D printing is used today by many professionals. And the Formula 1 teams are doing the same. For example, in 2017, McLaren concluded a 4-year partnership with the manufacturer Stratasys while the Williams team partnered with EOS in 2015. This time, it is Alfa Romeo’s turn to call on the team. additive manufacturing. The Italian team recently announced a partnership with AM Solutions, for the post-processing of their 3D printed race car components:


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