Top 5 Videos: 3D Printing Your Own Tech Accessories

Published on December 24, 2023 by Michael M.

Happy holidays and welcome to our top 5 3D printing videos of the week! In this 2023 holiday edition, we explore the evolution of 3D printing in ‘Sectors UpClose,’ featuring an interview with Davide Sher of VoxelMatters. From China’s lunar project to building a Star Wars droid with 3D printing, each video dives into unique aspects of this innovative technology. Discover how you can 3D scan and print your pet or get creative with tech accessories, saving money while customizing your gadgets. Join us on this journey to explore the vast potential and diverse applications of 3D printing and maybe even find the perfect stocking stuffer just in time for the holidays! So let’s jump right in!

Top 1: The 3D Printing Sector In Focus

Our first video brings us to the Reuters video segment, “Sectors UpClose”, where host David Pollard interviews Davide Sher, CEO of VoxelMatters, a leading publisher in 3D printing market research. They discuss the evolution of 3D printing over the past few decades, its current state, and prospects. Highlighting the industry’s growth since the 1980s, they delve into the advancements in sustainable manufacturing, on-demand spare parts, and the production of complex industrial tools. They explore the hurdles facing 3D printing’s widespread adoption, emphasizing the potential game-changing role of AI in overcoming these obstacles. Mentioning key players like 3D Systems and Stratasys, they discuss their key technologies and the challenges that come with scaling up. The conversation extends to niche sectors like bioprinting, focusing on companies utilizing volumetric 3D printing technology. We get an idea of 3D printing’s future in various industries such as food, construction, and aerospace – where the technology has the potential to act as a catalyst for more efficient and sustainable production methods.

Top 2: China’s 3D Printed Lunar Project

This video report from China’s CCTV news agency tells of a report that Chinese scientists are working on a project to 3D print structures on the moon for future manned lunar missions. The structures are oval, egg-shaped designs that are engineered not to require support columns or load-bearing beams. The plan is to create a “warm and stable living and working environment on the lunar surface” which will allow Chinese astronauts to potentially inhabit structures outside of the spacecraft they arrive in. The report goes into further detail about the design and environmental considerations of building on the surface of the moon. The research is currently ongoing but provides potentially fruitful resources for future missions to the moon and beyond.

Top 3: Bringing a Star Wars Droid to Life with 3D Printing

In this video from M.M’s Prop Shop, we get to see the thrilling story of building a K-2SO droid, of Star Wars: Rogue One fame. In the video, they detail printing the various parts, starting from the feet to the massive torso, arms, and head. They emphasize planning prints to optimize time management and mention challenges like printing such large pieces with minimal support and handling potential issues with a large project’s weight. Assembling the droid involves using bolts, resin-printed fingers, and wire joints for articulation, which requires a lot of careful attention and detailed work. Surprisingly, the entire project took just under three weeks, marking a remarkable achievement considering the droid’s size and being printed entirely on one printer! Check out the entire process in the video below!

Top 4: 3D Scan and Print Your Dog!

This next video demonstrates testing the Mole 3D scanner by 3DMakerPro. YouTuber Frankly Built sets himself a true test of 3D scanning prowess, as he attempts to scan his dog, Maya, who is… shall we say, uncooperative. Despite Maya’s resistance, he scans her face, facing several hurdles and funny moments. The scanner impresses with its ease of use and decent output, even though perfect scans weren’t achieved. Throughout the video, we get to see highlights of the scanner’s simplicity, as Frankly Built acknowledges a bit of a learning curve but expresses confidence in its potential. Watch the whole experience below and see if you can print your own pet soon!

Top 5: Get Creative and Save Money by 3D Printing Your Tech Accessories

Not all of us have the money nor patience to buy a name-brand computer stand for $1,000… And for those of us who are looking for alternatives, YouTube’s Chris Wilmshurst has us covered! This video shows us his experiment with 3D printing Apple accessories, aiming for the most usefulness and availability of designs for free printing. Chris set conditions that must be met: they must be free designs, with no additional parts needed, and must be practical. Various items were printed, including a HomePod stand, a MacBook charger cable organizer, a webcam stand, a MacBook stand, an Apple Watch charging stand, an iPhone charger mount, an Apple TV cradle, and a phone mount for gaming. The experience highlighted challenges, like filament choices and adapting designs, yet the prints proved useful and functional, enhancing his tech organization. Chris urged appreciation for designers offering free designs, encouraging viewers to explore and acknowledge these contributors. Links to the printer and the designs are provided in the video description, and for non-Mac users, you can search the same sites for Windows and Android versions!

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*Cover photo credits: Chris Wilmshurst / YouTube

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