Top 5 Videos: 3D Printing Tomorrow’s Automobiles

Published on November 12, 2023 by Michael M.

After a busy week in Frankfurt, from where we have been transmitting you all the news of Formnext 2023, we are back again on this lovely Sunday morning with our top 3D videos of the week. This time, we start by talking about a recurring theme, the automotive industry and 3D printing. We then continue with a question: what is the best website to download 3D models? If you don’t know you are in luck because in this video you will find out. Next, we will address another topic that is the order of the day, ghost guns. This time the police have arrested a man who was making ghost guns in his house. Vibration and desktop 3D printers are not very good friends, in the fourth video, we will see two printers tested and subjected to vibrations to see how much this affects their printing process. Finally, YouTuber Ashton explains the whole process by which he managed to 3D print himself. Are you going to miss it? Oh, no! So let’s dive in!

Top 1 – Upgrading Cars with 3D Printing

The YouTuber Junkyard Dave has always been a loyal fan and follower of 3D printing in the automotive world. In this case, he tells us how the industry is advancing to the point where, thanks to new technologies, it is able to print parts for a car, a motorcycle or a truck, to a complete car chassis designed by artificial intelligence. In the video he goes to a car show and shows us some of these examples and what can be achieved with design software, imagination and a 3D printer. Give it a look!

Top 2 – Comparing 3D Model Sharing Sites

Are you clear about which is objectively the best website to download 3D models? Many 3D printing enthusiasts and professionals spend hours searching for models and comparing hundreds of sites. In this video, the YouTuber Teaching Tech has made an exhaustive analysis to find the seven most reliable websites to download such models. But, this was not enough for him, so he has compared each and every one of the seven in this video, to recommend the best. Shake off any doubt now and click on the video!

Top 3 – Police Raid a Cache of Ghost Guns

A Kingston man has been arrested for misusing his 3D printer. It has been discovered that he was storing infamous ghost gun parts in his home. Their purpose is unknown, but one thing is clear, these types of untraceable, 3D printed weapon parts are becoming a serious problem for American society. If you want to know more about this latest news, click on this video from CBS Boston, where they tell you all the details!

Top 4 – How Much Vibration Can a 3D Printer Withstand?

If there is one thing that is clear in 3D printing, it is that the vibration of the surface where the printer is placed can affect the quality and structure of the print. While it is true that many printers are able to withstand slight vibrations without affecting the precision with which they print, others are badly affected, giving a defective final product. In this video Need It Make It analyzes the Bambu X1C and Creality K1 printers, subjecting them to vibrations, to know their limits. How much do you think they can withstand? Click and don’t miss it!

Top 5 – Ashton’s 3D Printing Experience

Ashton is a YouTuber known for submitting himself to an infinite number of tests and viral challenges, thus gaining close to three million subscribers. In this case, he has decided to use our favorite technology, 3D printing, to print a model of himself. During the video he explains the process he has followed, as well as the printer he has used, to get a small figure of himself with the help of a special guest! If you are curious about how he did it, don’t hesitate to click on the video and follow Ashton through the process.

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*Cover image credits: Toyota

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