Top 5 Videos: 3D printing against COVID-19

Published on May 24, 2020 by Carlota V.

This week we found the top 5 videos about 3D printing and the way additive manufacturing is changing production. The technology has infiltrated many sectors, from medical to automotive – check our selection of the week to keep up with the innovations! If you enjoy these, you can view even more 3D printing videos on our Youtube channel. Hope you’ll enjoy and have a great Sunday!

Top 1: 3D Printing against COVID-19

Over the last two months, hospitals have been overwhelmed by the lack of medical equipment. The shortage of PPE has left many medical professionals at high risk of contracting COVID-19. Find out how the AM community has mobilized to fight this shortage by launching different initiatives and 3D printing medical equipment from masks to respirators to protect patients and medical staff.

Top 2: MakerBot launches Carbon Fiber Edition 3D printer

The manufacturer MakerBot has just launched a new professional machine capable of printing carbon fiber reinforced nylon, also developed by the manufacturer. Named METHOD Carbon Fiber Edition, this solution is based on the METHOD platform developed in December 2018 but is preconfigured with a new extruder compatible with composite materials: this one will be available as an upgrade for the METHOD and METHOD X machines. Check out in the following video how the METHOD Carbon Fiber Edition 3D prints a three blade propeller.

Top 3: 3D printing medical parts

The manufacturer 3D Systems presents its Med Amber 10 material compatible with the machines of the Figure 4® range. It is an ideal solution for the medical sector due to several of its properties: it is sterilizable, rigid, transparent and bio-compatible. Mainly used for the manufacture of surgical guides and anatomical models, this material meets the ISO 10993-5 & -10 standards. We let you discover its characteristics in the video below.

Top 4: A 3D printed cabin made from unusable wood

What if we reuse wood waste to make small houses and other constructions? That’s the idea behind Ashen Cabin, a cabin imagined by the HANNAH design studio: using emerlad-ash-borer-infested wood (a species of beetle insect), the American company used 3D printing technology and robotics to erect a cabin in the middle of the forest. Add to this several 3D printed elements, including the chimney!

Top 5: What are the material properties of PETG?

In the following video from Raise3D, you will learn about the material properties of PETG. In additive, manufacturing, PETG is a resilient material that can be used for a number of different applications. It’s superior layer adhesion means that it can create very strong bonds with itself, its chemical resistance makes it ideal for items that regularly need to come into contact with strong chemical compounds. You can learn more about PETG in our dedicated guide or in the video below!

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