Top 5 Videos: 3D Printing a Spacesuit for “A Thousand Suns”

Published on April 28, 2024 by Isaac B.

Welcome to our compilation of this week’s most compelling 3D printing highlights. We kick off this week’s edition with a video from BlackMilk Studio, featuring director Ruairi Robinson as he details the use of 3D printing to create the spacesuit featured in the popular “A Thousand Suns” series. Next up, Executive TV interviews manufacturing experts within the UK additive manufacturing industry. Third, Associated Press covers how the University of Maine is leveraging 3D printing, through the world’s largest 3D printer, to alleviate the state’s housing crisis. Moving forward, the host of Slant 3D describes how he was once a huge skeptic of 3D printing, but the undeniable benefits of the technology quickly turned him into one of its biggest advocates, eventually leading to one of the biggest 3D printing farms in the world. And finally, Chris Borge, a 3D printing enthusiast from Australia, illustrates how 3D printing can be used to repair and enhance vintage items. Let’s dive in!

Top 1: 3D Printing a Spacesuit for “A Thousand Suns”

First up, “A Thousand Suns” director Ruairi Robinson sheds light on the use of 3D printing technology to create the spacesuit featured in the miniseries. Collaborating with costume designer Aiden Vitty and concept artist Andrew Lee, Robinson details the meticulous process of designing and producing the complex hard surface parts of the spacesuit, tailored to fit the actor’s proportions through 3D scanning. Despite being a novice in 3D printing, Robinson details how he successfully printed and painted the props, overcoming challenges through trial and error, resulting in a complex, ultra-realistic spacesuit.

Top 2: Additive Manufacturing and the Future of UK Industry

Next, Executive TV interviews manufacturing experts as they delve into the strategic trajectory of the UK industry, focusing particularly on the potential of additive manufacturing within the country. They highlight the increasing interest in local, on-demand production, evident in supply chain disruptions like those experienced during the pandemic. Acknowledging the growing emphasis on sustainability within manufacturing, they discuss 3D printing’s reduced carbon footprint and speak of its potential environmental benefits. They conclude with a discussion on the importance of a skilled workforce to drive innovation and competitiveness in the country’s AM sector.

Top 3: World’s Largest 3D Printer to Build Homes in Maine

Third in line, Associated Press covers how the University of Maine has turned to 3D printing to tackle the housing crisis within the state. Led by Director Habib Dagher, the university’s Advanced Structures & Composite Center is leveraging the world’s largest 3D printer, combining robotics, sensors, high-performance computing, and AI to push the boundaries of what’s possible in housing and construction.

Top 4: From Skeptic to Advocate

Next up, the host at Slant 3D describes his journey as an initial skeptic of 3D printing, eventually turning into one of its biggest advocates and enthusiasts, later resulting in the creation of one of the largest 3D print farms in the world. Initially dismissing 3D printing as impractical and inefficient, the speaker’s perspective shifted when faced with the realization that 3D printing held a fundamental truth: it should be and will be the superior manufacturing process.

Top 5: Fixing Vintage Products With 3D Printing

Wrapping up, Chris Borge showcases the benefits of 3D printing in upcycling and repairing vintage products, specifically focusing on vintage bar lamps. With a mission to save products from ending up in landfills, the Chris takes three discarded lamps, each with various damages, and sets out to breathe new life into them. By replacing the old bulbs with panels of LED strip lights, he tackles common issues like heat damage, demonstrating a straightforward yet effective approach to repair, complemented by 3D printing.

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*Cover Photo Credits: BLACKMILK STUDIO

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