TOP 5 VIDEOS: 3D printed heart, tooling, 3D printing & mathematics …

Published on April 21, 2019 by Carlota V.

We found the TOP 5 VIDEOS of the week about 3D printing and the way additive manufacturing is shaping and changing our society. If you enjoy these, you can view even more 3D printing videos on our Youtube channel.  Hope you’ll enjoy and have a great Sunday!

Top 1: 3D printed tiny functional heart

A team of scientists from Tel Aviv University presented very futuristic work in terms of medical 3D printing. They have been able to 3D print a heart, the size of a cherry, capable of contracting and made of human tissues and blood vessels! The organ is not yet able to pump, but researchers are hopeful: within 10 years, they hope that hospitals will be equipped with 3D printers to design a patient’s heart directly. Explanations in video:

Top 2: Additive manufacturing for tooling

Polaris is an American manufacturer of snowmobiles, motorcycles and off-road vehicles. The company turned to 3D printing and particularly Stratasys’ solutions to create its range of tools. 3D printers allow it to design more complex designs, test them and improve them if necessary. Polaris therefore gains in flexibility and can respond to its customers’ requests more efficiently:

Top 3: 3D printing and mathematics

At the Rochester Institute of Technology, students learn mathematics through 3D printed parts. Nate Barlow, the teacher in charge of this project, explains that many students connect more easily to mathematics when they have something to touch, something to manipulate. This will make it easier for them to remember a lesson. This teacher prints his models from a 3D FDM printer using different mathematical equations:

Top 4: A new 3D printing filament from colorFabb

The Dutch manufacturer colorFabb introduced a brand new 3D printing filament called LW-PLA for Light Weight PLA. According to the company, this material uses active foaming technology to produce lightweight, low-density PLA parts. At about 230°C, it should start to foam, increasing its volume by almost 3 times. Users can reduce material flow by 65% to obtain lightweight parts or use expansion properties to effectively reduce printing time by using large layer heights or very thick perimeters:

Top 5: TRUMPF 3D laser cutting system

The rapid prototyping service provider 3-Dimensional Services has found its “dream machine” in the TruLaser Cell 5030 for prototype production and the manufacture of components in small series. As a test customer, the company from Detroit was closely involved in the development of the new TRUMPF 3D laser cutting system right from the start and during the two-year development period they were able to overturn many of machine requirements that were actually implemented:

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