Top 5 Videos: 3D Printed Guns Are Becoming an Increasing Concern in Canada

Published on March 26, 2023 by Avery S.
3D printed guns in Canada

It is once again Sunday, which means it is time for the top 5 3D printing videos of the week! First up, don’t miss this video which investigates how 3D printed guns, or ghost guns, are causing issues for police in Canada. Next, Markforged has made parts for an exhilarating purpose, a 3D printed steering wheel was made by the company to be put in a jet engine dragster. Then, we dive into a video from Columbia University that shows how researchers at the school made a 3D printed 7-layer cheesecake as well as take a closer look at TAM’s newest project, 3D printed reinforced concrete. Finally, wrap it up with a look at the first launch of a 3D printed rocket from Relativity Space. Happy Sunday and as always happy watching!

Top 1:  3D Printed Guns Pose Difficulties for Police in Canada

Police in New Brunswick, Canada, confiscated two 3D-printed handguns last week in a drug and weapon raid, raising concerns about the impact of modern technology on violent crime. The Toronto Police Service and the RCMP explain the growing concern of illegally manufactured firearms, AKA “ghost firearms”, which are difficult to detect due to no serial number. Firearms can be easily manufactured using blueprints available online. Though we have seen this issue a number of times, it seems that increasingly it is becoming a concern in Canada in particular. Check out the video below to learn the full story:

Top 2: Markforged 3D Prints Parts for a Jet Engine Dragster With Larsen Motorsports.

Have you ever heard of jet engine drag racing? As the name suggests, it’s a type of racing done with jet dragsters, or cars powered using a jet engine. The power and speed is immense and as such every part needs to be perfect to prevent catastrophe. Josette Roach, one of only five female jet dragster drivers in the entire world, would certainly agree. She and Brian Tocci of Larsen Motorsports turned to 3D printing recently and more specifically Markforged and its Simulation software to create a custom steering wheel that was perfectly fitted to Josette’s hands. Check out the video below to see how it was done:

Top 3: The Future of Software-Controlled Cooking

Could 3D printers someday replace our traditional cooking utensils? That’s the question that researchers at Columbia University posed this week when they decided to turn to 3D printing to create a 7-layer cheesecake. Though food 3D printing has grown in notoriety in the past few years, it still seems far from widespread adoption. That being said, it has a lot of potential and benefits, which the scientists hoped to show with this latest experiment. In the video below, see how the researchers were able to make the 3D printed cheesecake:

Top 4: 3D Printing Reinforced Concrete Is Finally Possible

You have probably already heard of 3D printing concrete, but what about reinforced concrete? Well Twente Additive Manufacturing, one of the leading companies in construction 3D printing, has introduced the new TALR system (TamCord Automated Layer Reinforcement) which can be used to 3D print reinforced concrete for even stronger homes, a first in the world. In the video below, the lead developers behind this system explain how it works as well as how it came about:


Top 5: Relativity Space’s 3D Printed Rocket Has Lifted Off

A small step for man, a big step for…3D printing? This week, we shared exciting news in the additive manufacturing sector as Relativity Space launched for the world’s first 3D printed rocket. Although it did not reach orbit, the fact that the rocket was able to achieve liftoff was a major milestone for 3D printed rockets. Check out the full launch in CNET’s video below:

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