Top 5 Videos: 3D Explained on Powder Bed Fusion

Published on August 7, 2022 by Clemens M.

Another week is over, and its time for another selection of Top 5 Videos about what is new and amazing in the 3D printing universe, so let us waste no time and dive right into it! We start off with our latest episode of 3D Explained which is a quick explanation of how polymer powder bed fusion works when it comes to 3D printing. Next, you will learn more about an exciting new project, in which researchers in Australia are using 3D printing technologies to create a new kind of breast implants. After that, Dr. Kyle Reeser tells you about his humanitarian mission to help people in Africa. Then, you’ll find out how 3D scanning makes work a lot easier for the design team at Hyundai North America. Our last video of this week’s top 5 selection, gives you valuable information on 3D printing and its consumption of power. We hope you’ll enjoy this week’s collection of videos and wish you a nice and happy Sunday!

Top 1: 3D Explained: Powder Bed Fusion 

In the latest episode of our series called 3D Explained, we talk about Powder Bed Fusion in 3D printing. In this short yet very informative video, you’ll get all the information you need to understand how the popular 3D printing technology works! In the first part on Powder Bed Fusion, we start with the use of polymers and their advantages and disadvantages. 


Top 2: 3D Printed Breast Implants 

The more the possibilities of 3D printing are explored for the medical sector, the more brand-new ways are discovered to improve people’s health through innovative new AM projects. The following video is about a new way of creating breast implants with the help of 3D printing. Researchers from the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital in Australia are conducting world-first human trials of what they believe will someday become a revolutionary method for women’s breast implants.  

Top 3: Humanitarian Mission in Africa

Dr. Kyle Reeser, a biomedical engineer and brand ambassador for 3D printing company Creality, talks about his humanitarian mission, in which he travels to Tanzania to 3D print prosthetics and orthotic devices for children and adults in the East African country, where the general population suffers from hunger and poverty.

Top 4: 3D Scanning For Car Designs 

At the North American subsidiary of Korean car manufacturer Hyundai, the designing team has been using clay models of their cars as part of their design creating process. In the past, the team had to rely on external, third-party experts to carry out 3D measurements of these models. With the help of Creaform’s easy-to-use HandySCAN 3D portable 3D scanner, the team can do it themselves, which makes the entire process easier and quicker. 

Top 5: 3D Printing and Power Consumption 

As much as 3D printing seems to be beneficial in any imaginable way, there are some things that also need to be taken into consideration that are important yet easily forgotten. One example is the high-power consumption of 3D printing devices. In the next video, Ignasi Guardia, support manager at BCN3D, explains all about 3D printing and power consumption and gives you helpful advice on the subject. 

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