Top 5: Markforged’s 3D Printed Movie Props

Published on January 8, 2023 by Claire S.

Hello and welcome to our first Top 5 videos of 2023. We have a selection of exciting videos for you this week, from Markforged’s parts made for film, to Shining 3D and their scanning settings. There is also a video about medical applications of 3D printing – we hear from doctors in Florida about their use of a 3D scanner to help the family of a cancer sufferer understand their condition and the treatment. Finally, we have a video about how 3D printing is used for cellular structures, and a collaboration between Xometry and Autodesk on how CAD solutions are used for efficient parts manufacturing. We hope you enjoy!

Top 1: Markforged’s Movie Parts

In this video, we hear from Frank Ippolito, founder of Thingergy Inc, who use Markforged technology to make props and costumes for movies and TV. He tells us about the appearances of Markforged parts in well-known cinema, such as in Stranger Things, Star Wars, and more. Thingergy Inc. combine Markforged technology- they have five machines- with their industry and technical expertise. Frank gives us the example of a helmet which they form on 3D software, design, then print and within a few days it is ready for use.

Top 2: Learn About Scanning Parameters With Shining 3D

Have you been thinking about purchasing a 3D scanner but you’re not quite sure how they work? Next up, we have a video from the Chinese company Shining3D, manufacturers of high-quality scanning solutions. This video features Alvin from Shining3D, who gives us a complete run-through of how to use their scanner by adjusting the parameters according to your individual needs. For example, we learn about the different modes and settings, as well as markers. He also tells us what to do if the object has fine details.

 Top 3: Surgery Planning for Cancer Treatment

One of the most exciting applications of 3D printing technology is the medical sector, where 3D printed parts can be used to help plan surgeries and even act as surgical implants as alternatives to traditional materials. This video features medical professionals from Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Florida and focuses on one patient in particular: the case of a child with a cancer which required removal of a tumour in a complex surgery. The doctors used 3D scanning in the treatment to show the family the plan for surgery; they can see the model of their child’s brain to understand the disease and feel empowered in this knowledge.

Top 4: How 3D Printing Can Make Cellular Structures

This video begins with an overview of 3D printing and its benefits, and then moves into 3D printing for cellular structures. We see the method and material for how these structures can be made: microextrusion and using hydrogel. A further method is bioprinting; in the video you can see the process of bioprinting. We also learn of its applications in the scientific field in tissue engineering, as it could be used to in the future to manufacture functioning tissues to replace damaged ones in the human body. If you are also interested in potential issues with bioprinting and how to solve them, you can learn of them in this video.

Top 5: Xometry and Autodesk CAD Solutions

The final video for this week comes from Autodesk, manufacturers of the Fusion 360 software solution for CAD design. They work with Xometry, an on-demand marketplace for industrial parts. In this video from IMTS, we learn about how they use Autodesk CAD designs for efficient, high-quality parts manufacturing. The benefit of Autodesk’s Fusion 360 solution to the customer is the instant pricing and ability to select different processes and materials, and as we learn in the video, they believe this solution is being used to optimize Xometry’s offerings.

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