Top 5: Flashforge Review From 3Dnatives Lab

Published on December 11, 2022 by Claire S.

Hello everyone and welcome to our top 5 videos of the week! We hope you are all looking forward to Christmas and enjoying our ongoing 3D printing news and content. In our video selection for this week, we have a mix of content, from our Flashforge review  from the 3Dnatives lab, to Volkmann on powder handling for industrial production, and CAD software solutions. We also have a nice casual watch; you can see a space capsule being printed based on Printables files. Enjoy!

Top 1: Flashforge Review From The 3Dnatives Lab

Next up, we have a video from our very own tech expert Elliot, who has tested out the latest printer from Flashforge: the Guider 3 Plus. In this video, he gives us a rundown of his user experience, from the ease of use and accessibility, to the materials and features, and to the resultant models which he managed to create. As we hear in the video, Elliot’s experience of the printer was broadly positive, as the quality was high and he considered the printer good value for money. You can find his write up of the printer HERE.

Top 2: Lockheed Martin and Defense Industry Partnerships

We have this video from American defence firm Lockheed Martin about their partnership with Sintavia, a digital industry company and a supplier to the company. They want to promote metal additive manufacturing as an alternative to the traditional methods of castings and forgings. Furthermore, Lockheed Martin’s new initiative, AM Forward, is a collaboration with the White House to improve supply chains across the US. Additive manufacturing is a well known way of maintaining supply chains and solving potential issues as parts can be made at scale in a short time frame.

Top 3: Volkmann And The Importance Of Powder Handling

Volkmann is a metal AM production company based in Germany. In this video, we hear from them about their solutions and applications, specifically about powder handling within the process. Volkmann aims to tackle the challenges of incorrect powder handling through the establishment of proper powder handling systems such as the ultrasonic sieve, part of their PowTreX machine. They also discuss automation; the importance of machinery which can work independently to streamline the production process

Top 4: Autodesk’s Fusion360 Software Solution

We now have a video from Autodesk, makers of the Fusion 360 software, who have updated their CAD software solution. In the video, there is a voiceover giving an in-depth description of the key updates with a simultaneous visual explanation. The video shows the design and modeling capabilities of the Fusion 360 and shows us multiple features, including the rotary pocket and the module work strategy.

Top 5: Space Shuttle Model Printing Using Printables Files

Last but by no means least, we have a video from Prusa3D which shows the prints of the week- this week, is the Space Shuttle from user Kmobrain on Printables. The video is a detailed walkthrough of the start to finish. We see the files, the CAD model, and finally the printing process and the assembly of the product. The finished product is multicolored, desktop-sized and would make a good gift for a space enthusiast. If you fancy printing the space shuttle, you can find the CAD files on

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