Top 10: 3D Printing in Sport

Published on November 22, 2017 by Jamie D.
top 10 3d printing sport

3D printing technologies are increasingly emerging as a disruptive tool for improving sports performance. With ever more numerous and innovative uses from cycling to football, golf, and running, we made our Top 10 list of the best applications of 3D printing in sports.

1. 3D printed prosthesis for a cyclist

Denise Schindler, a one-armed German rider, is poised to become the first female athlete to compete in the Olympics with a 3D printed prosthesis. This work was done in collaboration with the Autodesk publisher for the design of the custom-made prosthesis. It took five days to print at five times the cost of a traditional model.

top 10 3d printing sport

Denise Schindler and her 3D printed prosthesis

2. The 3D printed race car

This project by a team of Belgian engineers is remarkable. The race car, called ‘The Areion’, closely resembles a Formula 1 car and is a very powerful single-seat car. The metal chassis has been printed in 3D and and can reach a maximum speed of 140 km/h, doing 0 to 100 in just 3.2 seconds.

top 10 3d printing sport

The Areion and its chassis printed in 3D

3. Football protection mask

Being able to play sports despite an injury such as a broken nose is the challenge of London-based Cavendish Imaging. Using 3D software, they scan every detail of the athlete to 3D print a custom protection mask. This innovation reduces the period of inactivity related to an injury, and also prevents further harm to the injury whilst it heals.

top 10 3d printing sport

A mask printed in 3D by Cavendish Imaging

4. 3D golf clubs

This is the idea of French brand Grismont who decided to combine design and quality to offer unique and tailor-made golf clubs. The startup has called on designers Pierre-Yves Jacques and Linlin for the design and the Proto company based in Belfort for manufacturing. For more information, check the brand website HERE.

top 10 3d printing sport

The 3D printed golf clubs of Grismont

5. 3D Printed road bike

ColorFabb took a detour from making 3D printer filaments, deciding to 3D print a road bike. The most amazing thing is that the 3D printer used to make these parts is a simple Ultimaker Original. The result lives up to expectations with a strong and lightweight bike!

top 10 3d printing sport

ColorFabb bike printed in 3D

6. Shin guards printed in 3D

This innovation was designed and created the Austrian firm Zweikampf. These shin guards provide better resistance to blows through three layers of protection, with weight reduced to a few tens of grams. In addition, these shin guards are fully customizable.

top 10 3d printing sport

Zweikampf additive manufacturing shin guards

7. 3D printed running shoes

American Allyson Félix will be the first athlete to compete at the Olympic Games equipped with 3D printed shoes. She partnered with Nike to design sneakers with the lower part, the tips, personalized and printed in 3D  to offer maximum comfort and speed.

top 10 3d printing sport

Nike shoes printed in 3D for the Olympics

8. 3D Printed Skis

American manufacturer Stratasys 3D printed a set of skis in 2014. These skis are equipped with 3D printed parts from FDM machines in the Stratasys range. For the material, the manufacturer used ULTEM 9085, a thermoplastic offering mechanical resistance and thermal resistance.

top 10 3d printing sport

Stratasys’ 3D printed skis

9. 3D printed mouthguard

This concept was developed by Guardlab, a New York-based company specializing in customizing tooth protectors through 3D printing. The manufacturing is carried out so as to protect the impacts for the sports of contacts by offering an optimal comfort to each 10 3d printing sport

10. The Reebok sensor

In early 2015, the English equipment manufacturer developed an innovative sensor through 3D printing that can detect the severity of a head shock in real time. The brand combined several technologies and materials to create extremely precise prototypes. The Reebok Checklight includes various sensors to quickly analyze the intensity, speed or angle of a shock to the head and primarily targets football players.

top 10 3d printing sport

3D printed sensors by Reebok

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