The Best 3D-Printed Masks for Halloween

Published on October 22, 2021 by Jamie D.

As the leaves slowly change to their autumnal hues, it is undeniable that spooky season is finally upon us, ultimately culminating with Halloween. Celebrated each year on the 31st of October, the origins of the popular holiday are still relatively unknown, though it is often attributed to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. Today, Halloween is celebrated worldwide by children, horror fans, and everyone in-between. As the big day creeps closer, we decided to take a look at how 3D printing could help you put together your best Halloween costume. We found some of the most popular 3D printing files for Halloween masks that can be found on the Cults STL file marketplace. Check out our list and make sure to download your favorites just in time for a trick or a treat.

Venom Mask

With the release of the second Venom movie, many Marvel fans will take the opportunity to dress up as the main alien. For this, a user in Cults has made available to the community a design of the Venom mask with a high quality of detail and with a really impressive finish. In terms of 3D printing, the author recommends creating the pieces with the infill as low as possible (at 10% or 15%). Afterwards, the final pieces should be sanded and painted to achieve a result that is as close as possible to the movie character. In addition, the 3D printed masks can be adapted to the head of adults and children to enjoy Halloween night regardless of age!

Download the Venom mask 3D file

Squid Game Masks

Squid Game is the Korean Netflix series that is causing a sensation around the world. Its original plot is full of mystery because of the masks worn by the characters of the series, as well as their supreme leader. If you want to surprise everyone you know with a Squid Game mask, this is your chance to 3D print it! For both models, the authors of the files recommend adapting the design to the measurements of each person. In addition, in some cases, it will be necessary to resort to printing media.

Download the Squid Game mask 3D file 

Download the leader mask of Squid Game

Money Heist’s Dalí Mask (La Casa de Papel)

Another of Netflix’s successes that has been most successful in recent years is the Spanish series “La Casa de Papel”. The famous characters dressed in red jumpsuits and Salvador Dalí masks who intend to rob the Bank of Spain, or the Mint and Stamp Factory, are already recognized throughout the world. That is why this Halloween you can 3D print your own Dalí masks to become one of these characters. For manufacturing, the author recommends using a standard thermoplastic, such as PLA. Once the mask is printed, a rubber band should be added to hold it on the head.

Download the Money Heist Dahli mask STL file

Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees

Whether you enjoy scary movies or not, everyone has heard of Jason Voorhees. The villain from the infamous Friday the 13th series, his ominous hockey mask has become an iconic part, emblematic especially of slasher movies from the 80s. Now, you can use 3D printing to make your very own to be the delight (or fear) at any Halloween party. The STL file is available for download for €22, though do note that the UVs and textures are not included.

Download the Jason Voorhees mask 3D file

Classic Devil Mask

What is Halloween without a devil mask? The personification of evil is present in many different cultures, though the most common personification in the Western world is Satan, or Lucifer, a fallen angel turned adversary of God. And if there is one time when evil takes the forefront, it is Halloween. As such, we chose a 3D printed devil mask perfect for anyone looking to scare their loved ones. This particular mask is notable for its large horns and the fact that users can choose to either print it as a full mask or in separate parts (useful for those with a smaller build volume!). Though this current model has been made for someone with a head width of 220mm, the creator urges any using the file to do their own sizing calculations prior to printing.

Download the 3D file of the Devil mask

Prehistoric Skull Mask

Of all the Halloween iconography, skulls hold a prominent place. If you want to look like a prehistoric fossil, print this 3D skull model designed by artist Tamarelle. Printable in two parts, this simple skull mask is quite realistic in structure. You will need to glue the two parts together before wearing it on any ghostly adventures with other ghouls.

3D printed skull mask

Download the 3D file of the skull mask

Venetian Mask 

If you can’t make it to one of the specialty ateliers in Venice for your Venetian mask costume, we have the next best thing. Featured in films like Eyes Wide Shut, the Venetian mask is an easy disguise to throw on for a festive Halloween look. Spanish designer Sonia Verdu has created a superb Venetian mask in tribute to the Italian tradition. In addition, it is easily printable without any supports. You can have fun painting it, adding a splash of glitter and razzle-dazzle.

3D printed Venetian mask

Download the 3D file of the Venetian mask

The Joker Mask 

The Joker is one of the most iconic villains from the Batman franchise. This STL file offers the classic facial aesthetic of Batman’s arch nemesis á la Jack Nicholson’s portrayal in the Tim Burton Batman film. This labor of love comes from designer Eddie Christian, who used 3D Zbrush software which he sliced using Simplify3D. Christian did his research on the Internet and found that many 3D-printed masks offered a low-poly style and that there were few realistic examples offering perfect smoothing. With this file you’re sure to achieve the perfectly villainous Joker smile. 

3D printed joker mask

Download the STL file for this mask with a disturbing smile

Scary Two-Piece Mask

The next mask reminds us of a demon figure and was modeled by the Spanish artist Shira. The design consists of two separate parts that are put together after printing to ensure the mobility of the jaw. The mask is printed with PLA at 210º. The lower part is printed with support material, which must be removed before joining the parts. A rubber band holds the two parts together.

Download the 3D file of the articulated mask

Death Trooper Helmet

With this Death Trooper helmet, you dive into the world of Star Wars Rogue One on Halloween night. Inspired by the fantasy film series, the designers at 3Demon decided to 3D print the Death Trooper’s helmet in its original size. This project is certainly a bit more involved, as the helmet then has to be painted to get the glossy black finish. If you want to 3D print the creation yourself, you can purchase the STL file for around € 27 on Cults.

Download the Death Trooper helmet 3D file


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