Think3DDD is Our 3D Startup of the Year for 2022!

Published on January 3, 2023 by Madeleine P.

The year 2023 has already begun, and it’s time to look back at some of the most innovative 3D printing companies of the past twelve months. A few weeks ago, 3Dnatives highlighted some of the most notable startups of 2022, all of which aim to create new solutions either via 3D printing or for the additive manufacturing market. From there, you had the opportunity to vote for the one you thought was the most original and deserved to be named the startup of the year 2022. You may have discovered companies developing 3D printers, additive manufacturing software and uses of the technology that you didn’t know about. Voting is now closed and it’s time to share the results with you. We received a total of 1,378 votes across all of our sites and the 3D startup that received the most votes and thus becomes the 3D startup of the year 2022 is…Think3DDD!

With a total of 371 votes, the Berlin-based startup Think3DDD won the competition: congratulations! We had the opportunity to interview this young company in July 2022. In particular, we spoke with Tino Jacobi, founder and CEO of Think3DDD, who explained the company’s activities and the use of 3D printing. Among other things, it deals with additive manufacturing of obsolete parts, as well as advice on design and material selection based on the application. However, what interested us most was its role in veterinary medicine. “VET orthi” are 3D printed devices that are customized and tailored to the morphology of animals to help them recover from any type of fracture.

Photo Credits: Think3DDD

The process of creating orthopedic braces takes place in 3 steps. First, a 3D scan of the area to be treated is performed. With the Think3DDD software, it is possible to automatically calculate the 3D digital image from a video. The second step is to adapt the data to the image using a semi-automatic CAD program. It is important here to take into account the veterinary expert’s specifications regarding the animal’s condition. Finally, all that remains is the manufacturing stage. The resulting digital model is created by 3D printing with a semi-flexible, recyclable or compostable material. Thanks to its developments in the veterinary field, Think3DDD has managed to captivate readers and be elected the 3D startup of the year 2022.

We would also like to congratulate the startup Personomic, which came in second place with a total of 292 votes, as well as the startup Replique, which came in third place with 281 votes. All that remains is to see what the coming year holds, as well as new innovations from 3D printing startups in 2023.

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