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Published on November 20, 2022 by Claire S.

Hello 3D printing enthusiasts. We have had a busy week in the world of additive manufacturing with the recent success of Formnext from the 15th to 18th November. If you already have the post-Formnext blues fear not, because we have a selection of our video content here for you to enjoy. From AM Polymers to Markforged to several innovative startups; from silicon to scanners to software; we have something for every area of interest. We hope you enjoy!

Top 1: Desktop Metal and the Importance of Binder Jetting

Bind jetting is an increasingly popular 3D printing process among additive manufacturing users. Desktop Metal is one of the players in this market and offers various solutions based on this technology that is transforming production methods! At this week’s Formnext show, we were able to speak with Jonah Myerberg, the company’s co-founder and CTO, who told us more about the company’s different areas of development and the products on display at their booth. Desktop Metal’s product family now offers 3D technology for metal, polymer, sand, ceramic, composites and wood.

Top 2: AM Polymer Powders

Next up, we have AM Polymers. This German company focuses on high-quality plastic powder solutions. In this video, we chatted with Dr. Holger Ulland, the CEO of the German base, and Timur Ünlü, a co-founder, who presented their range and discussed the sustainable and cost-efficient processes used to make the powders. They also showed off models printed using the materials described in the video and told us all about their properties. We heard about the broadness of their material portfolio and where they hope to take AM Polymers in the future. 

Top 3: Shining 3D on Their High Precision Scanner

Shining 3D is a manufacturer of additive manufacturing scanning technologies; they were at Formnext to demonstrate their new scanner, the OptimScan. The OptimScan is capable of high quality portable scanning, as Niels Stenzel, the company regional sales manager, told us. Furthermore, the scanner can print up to 10 microns and 5 megapixels. The scanner is used for automated factories as automatic reports can be generated as soon as scans are made. For more details on this exciting new product, Niels explains more in the video below:


Top 4: AMT on their Post-Processing Solutions

Next up on the materials side again we have AMT, whose digital manufacturing system can be used to facilitate top quality post-processing results. We interviewed Joseph Croucher, CEO and Co-founder, and Dr. Konstantin Rybalcenko, head of R&D, to find out more. They described to us how the Digital Manufacturing System can be used to automate the post-processing system to the benefit of the user. They also told us about their PostPro Pure solution, a green chemistry which produces optimum result in a sustainable way. The green vapor smoothing technology smoothes surfaces and produces excellent results.

Top 5:  Velo3D’s Metal Powder Bed Technology

Next, we have Velo3D! Velo3D is an exciting start-up which works on metal 3D printing solutions. In this video we hear about their Assure software and the Sapphire XC printer; the latter is used primarily within the space industry. As explained in the video, Velo3D is very important in aerospace as they provide an integrated solution for customers who can then produce a certified part in the end. We look forward to seeing how Velo3D will progress in the future.

Top 6: HP

HP is one of the best known printer manufacturers globally, with their proprietary Multi Jet Fusion technology for high quality additive manufacturing. In this video, we have HP who unveiled their new printer series at Formnext, the HP Multi Jet Fusion 5420W. In the video, Ramón Pastor, Global Head and General Manager, 3D Metals and Ayelén Fernández, Product Manager, 3D Printing and Digital Manufacturing, talk us through the product. The visuals demonstrate the quality of the parts produced by the printer, as the two talk us through the benefits, including flexibility and adaptability. We also hear that HP has exciting plans within the polymer field!

Top 7: Daily Show #1

For our final 3, we have our daily shows from Formnext. These are themed videos in which we gain informal insights from a range of companies and startups through interviews. In this first one, we discussed AM solutions for a digital world. Our CEO Alex Martel first visited Formlabs, where he chatted with Sean David Doyle, Senior Technical Sales Manager, who discussed Formlabs’ new solutions including SLS and SLA technologies and the industries where these are applied. Next, we found out from Markforged about their simulation software. We heard about how this software can be used to prevent mistakes and repeats of the print cycle through streamlining. Finally, we had a startup! We spoke to Rivelin Robotics, one of the winner’s of this year’s startup challenge! Their CEO Robert Bush discussed with Alex the company’s hopes to use robotics to autonomize the parts processing.


Top 8: Daily Show #2

Our second daily show! In this episode, our content specialist for the English market, Madeleine Prior, told us about materials within 3D printing.First, she spoke with Karsten Schlichter, the Business Development Manager for Elkem Silicones. He talked us through their ranges of silicon materials which are designed for additive manufacturing in order to produce high quality parts. Next, we found out about Lehvoss from Stefan Schulze, the Director of 3D Printing Materials and Marketing for the company. He discussed their materials for end-use parts. The company also offers custom materials which can be tailored exactly to the application needs, making it specific to each customer and industry. Lastly, Madeleine chatted with Dominik Zdybal, CEO and Co-founder of Alpha Powders, with whom she discussed the company’s polymer powder solutions which use affordable methods.


Top 9: Daily Show #3

Our third and final daily show is here! In this video we look at 3D printing on a scale, from micro to large. Our CEO, Alex Martel, was once again in front of the camera. He spoke first with Massivit3D, a company using Gel Dispensing Printing (GDP) He spoke to Avi Cohen of the company, and the two discussed Massivit’s important announcement – their new printer, the 10,000G which can print and cast parts simultaneously with epoxy, which can be applied to the automotive and marine sectors, among others. Next, Alex spoke to Gijs Van der Velden of MX3D, a company which produces metal parts using additive manufacturing. He explained the company growth and the metal XL software which can be used to slice a part to send to the robot automatically. Finally, Alex went over to our startup, Photosynthetic, where he spoke to CEO Alexsander Kostenko. He mentioned the Startup Challenge, for which his colleague Magdalena Kurzyp PhD gave the winning presentation. The two then discussed the microscale productions performed by Photosynthetic.

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