Superstrata ships first 3D printed carbon fiber bike

Published on January 7, 2021 by Carlota V.

In July, we drew your attention to the Californian bicycle manufacturer Superstrata. At that time, the company had just launched a funding campaign, receiving more than USD 1 million within a day. Since, the company raised more than USD 5.8 million from 4,500 backers. This has enabled Superstrata to go into production and celebrate a key milestone this month: the first delivery of its 3D printed bicycle.

What makes Superstrata’s 3D printed bike special is that it is made with a unibody frame that is 3D printed in a single process, using AREVO’s DED technology. This, in addition to the composite materials used, has led to weight reductions and less production errors. However, the carbon fiber frame is not only lightweight, it is also more durable. In fact, the  frame is said to be 61 times stronger than steel and 15 times stronger than titanium, despite its 1.7 kg weight. In addition, Superstrata offers an electric version in which the frame also weighs only 1.7 kg. Both versions are configurable.


Superstrata shows how light the bike really is by the fact that you can lift it with just two fingers.

According to the manufacturer, up to 500,000 configurations are possible. These can be made when ordering in the Superstrata Studio online shop, which has been live since October. One possible option, for example, is the rim material, which can be either metal or carbon fibre. Depending on the type of configuration, the price increases. This starts at 2,799 USD for the normal version and 3,999 USD for the electric version. In addition, there are shipping costs, which can vary from country to country. Delivery is handled by FedEx and is available worldwide.

Superstrata started production at the end of November. During this time they carried out a series of intensive tests. According to the company, their 3D printers (owned by AREVO) are in use 24/7 to meet the high demand. They are also increasing the number of printers and hope to shorten the printing time over time with more iterations to increase the production volume. With the first shipment of the 3D printed bicycle, Superstrata now proclaims to be in full production mode. Is this the start of future mass production?

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