SPEE3DCraft: SPEE3D’s New Game/Simulator for Metal 3D Printing

Published on March 31, 2021 by Amelia H.

Metal additive manufacturing company, SPEE3D have just announced that they will launch a free ground-breaking metal 3D printing simulator called SPEE3DCraft later this April. The idea came about last year in the midst of the pandemic, during which the company noted the virus’ global impact on manufacturing processes and limited opportunity for real life experience with additive manufacturing. The team also noticed a lack of 3D printing game/simulators, particularly ones which accurately portrayed metal additive manufacturing processes. As such SPEE3D decided to develop the simulator as a way of providing virtual insight into actual metal 3D printing processes, and SPEE3DCraft was born.

SPEE3D’s aim was to create one which was authentic, engaging and challenging. Though made by an in-house team in order to provide users with an experience as authentic as possible, SPEE3DCraft was also reviewed by additive manufacturing experts. In the course of several months, game developers combined SPEE3D’s high speed metal 3D printing processes into a functioning virtual application. The app is the first end-to-end metal manufacturing simulator. SPEE3DCraft allows craftsmen and 3D printing enthusiasts to gain an intuitive virtual experience into real life metal 3D printing methods using SPEE3D’s own technology and machinery to design, print, post-process and supply metal parts.


The Concept

The core concept of game play is simple – you are the craftsman, and as the craftsman you are tasked with picking the material, crafting the part, and delivering it on time. You are scored on how many high-quality parts you are able to print within the time limit. SPEE3DCraft also offers numerous levels and a variety of virtual environments, exemplifying the different real-world locations in which SPEE3D’s technology has been used including a desert, a ship deck, a factory and more. While the multi-level simulator is in essence a training-based application designed to grow your expertise in metal additive manufacturing, SPEE3DCraft also offers considerable entertainment value, comprising potential for competition in its feature to share play with your friends, family and colleagues.

SPEE3D’s CTO and Co-Founder Steven Camilleri commented on this saying: “It looks like a game. It has level environments. A time challenge. But at the same time, it’s not really a game because this simulator shows what metal 3D printing actually involves. We are hoping this simulator will provide people a helpful insight into SPEE3D’s processes, how they can use it to benefit themselves and their own industry”. SPEE3DCraft is scheduled for release in mid-April. You can find out more about the metal additive manufacturing simulator here.

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*All photos courtesy of SPEE3D

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