Siemens and Hackrod unveils VR designed, AI-engineered, 3D car

Published on March 29, 2018 by Niru K.

Siemens made two major announcements this week, one being their new investment in Materials Solutions Ltd, a new 3D printing factory in Worcester in UK. The second announcement is their collaboration with Hackrod, California based digital manufacturing company to create the world’s first 3D car designed in virtual reality, engineered with artificial intelligence and 3D printed, full size, in structural alloy.

Hackrod is a Digital manufacturing company redefining the way vehicles are designed, engineered and produced in the 21st Century. They are developing a methodology that will enable the rapid prototyping of bespoke vehicle solutions and make the consumer as the co-creator in the automotive space.

At Hackrod they are using the very latest design and engineering methodologies to rapidly prototype, test and manufacture transport solutions without the need for industry level resources or massive tooling budgets. They are developing a process that will become a platform for enabling truly bespoke manufacturing with guaranteed engineering solutions.

La Bandita the new 3D car

As per company claims, the car – dubbed ‘La Bandita’ 3D car– is its first proof of concept that will pave the road for what it claims to be the democratisation of engineering design and manufacturing. Siemens aims to put together a car production system that allows the consumer to be a creator in the automotive space. Hackrod, in turn, states that its factory of the future, which is powered by the Siemens Digital Innovation Platform, will enable individuals and small enterprises the unprecedented capability to create product as easily as playing a video game.

Slade Gardner, CTO at Hackrod, said the partnership with Siemens builds on a shared vision for automobile design and engineering.“Because the Hackrod vision includes rapid data collection for product design and iteration; and customized manufacturing of sophisticated mechatronic systems, Siemens’ hardware connectivity for Industrial IoT and multi-axis additive manufacturing are critical to success. The products of our partnership will illustrate the impact that an efficient and motivated team can have with access to world class digital design, engineering, visualization, manufacturing and inspection power.” 

The automotive industry, which is on the brink of transition, has seen a lot of new changes not just in the manufacturing space but also in terms of product evolution. Consumer preferences are no longer limited to customisation in terms of colours or models. Their growing and diverse needs have made OEMs globally to introduce products that appeal to the new-age consumer.

For automotive enthusiasts intrigued by La Bandita, Hackrod is already offering a pre-order option for the car on its website.

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