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From our extensive 3D printing business directory, these are the 3D printing businesses based in Europe. These range from 3D printer manufacturers, to 3D printing resellers and distributors, in addition to 3D printing services. European 3D Printer Manufacturers There are a number of European 3D printing manufacturers, such as Zortrax and Ultimaker. These are two of the largest desktop 3D printer companies in the world, having experienced explosive growth in the last few years. European 3D Printer Resellers & Distributors There are a number of 3D printer resellers based across Europe. They resell a number of 3D printer manufacturers such as Makerbot, Lulzbot, Markforged, and more. European 3D Printing Service Many 3D printing services exist all around Europe. These range from rapid prototyping services using SLS or SLA 3D printers to 3D software services which create custom STL files. These European 3D printing services help projects and ideas become tangible 3D models.
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