Ricoh and SimBioSys Partner on AI-Powered 3D Models for Personalized Breast Cancer Treatment

Published on April 26, 2024 by Isaac B.

Ricoh USA, known for its expertise in custom medical device design through Ricoh 3D for Healthcare, is teaming up with SimBioSys, a tech company focused on AI integration and computational modeling. Together, the two companies recently announced a collaboration focused on exploring cutting-edge technologies for the treatment of breast cancer. This initiative aims to closely examine the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) combined with advanced 3D printing techniques to improve surgical procedures and personalize care for patients facing breast cancer. The aim is to create medical solutions that could revolutionize the way breast cancer is treated and managed.

By joining forces, these two companies are committed to pushing back the boundaries of medical innovation by combining SimBioSys’ cutting-edge artificial intelligence with Ricoh’s 3D printing know-how. The focus will be on creating highly accurate, patient-specific breast cancer models.

(Photo Credits: SimBioSys)

AI and 3D Printing for Breast Cancer Treatment

During the American Society of Breast Surgeons conference, held earlier this month from April 11th to 14th, 2024, Ricoh 3D for Healthcare and SimBioSys showcased their latest advancements. They introduced the pioneering breast cancer models, born from the synergy of artificial intelligence and 3D printing. The event highlighted the capabilities and potential of the two companies’ joint technologies. Speaking on their partnership, Gary Turner, Managing Director at Ricoh USA, stated, “Through a collaboration with SimBioSys, we hope to not just envision a new future for medical treatment but help actively create it. Our dedication to precision and personalization in breast cancer care is about to be showcased at ASBrS, reflecting the potential of our combined efforts.”

While the specific methodologies and technologies utilized were not disclosed, attendees of the conference gained insight into the numerous advantages stemming from the collaboration between these two companies. Jyoti Palaniappan, Commercial Director of SimBioSys, underscored the significance of their partnership’s presence at ASBrS. He highlighted the potential of this synergistic effort to provide surgeons and patients with a deeper comprehension of complex cancer surgeries, even prior to the initial incision.

It’s worth noting that the workflow developed by SimBioSys® and Ricoh 3D for Healthcare is intended solely for educational purposes at this stage and has not yet received approval for diagnostic use. However, this is a crucial first step in the future development and validation of these technologies for clinical use.

Ricoh showcases breast cancer anatomical models at the 2024 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Breast Surgeons. (Photo Credits: Ricoh 3D for Healthcare)

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