Redefine Meat Introduces 3D Printed Flank Steak To European Supermarkets

Published on July 9, 2024 by Isaac B.

In 2023, the average European consumed 64.2 kg of meat. Despite a five-year decline reported by Agrarmarkt Informations-Gesellschaft, meat consumption remains disproportionately high amidst pressing environmental concerns, with beef farming notably contributing to climate change. This sustained demand drives minimal industry change. To address these issues, alternative meat products are gaining traction, prompting a shift in consumer habits. Redefine Meat, an Israeli food-tech start-up combining 3D printing with culinary innovation since 2021, is now bringing its 3D-printed flank steak to European supermarkets, aiming to revolutionize consumer access to sustainable protein options.

The 3D printed flank steak stands as a flagship product for Redefine Meat, having been successfully introduced to numerous restaurants across Europe. It was prominently featured during Veganuary, receiving extensive promotion. Many esteemed chefs have expressed delight in both its flavor and ease of preparation. Chef Marco Pierre White, for instance, hailed it as “The smartest thing I’ve seen in the kitchen in almost 40 years,” while Chef Andreas Böhm claimed, “It offers the taste and versatility of meat.”

The 3D printed flank steak has already proven itself in top European kitchens and is now making its way into supermarkets.

Expanding on its restaurant success, Redefine Meat is now introducing its flagship product into European supermarkets. Joining its 3D-printed counterparts Pulled Meat and Hack on retail shelves, the flank steak from the “New Meat” range will debut at Ocado in the UK and Coop in Switzerland. Future plans include availability in the Netherlands at Jumbo, Albert Heijn, and Crisp, with further expansion into supermarkets in Italy and Germany in the near future.

The 3D Printed Flank Steak – Taste, Nutritional Values and Sustainability

In the UK, Ocado’s Head Frozen Food Buyer Zee Ahmad is confident about the addition of the new Redefine Meat product to the existing range, stating, “We’ve expanded our Redefine Meat offering to Ocado customers by launching the first premium-quality plant-based steak in the Ocado range,” said Zee Ahmad, senior buyer of frozen food at Ocado. “We’ve been pleased with the performance since the launch in late 2023 and are really happy with the glowing shopper reviews. We hope they’ll enjoy the new Redefine Flank Steak just as much and look forward to seeing sales grow through the summer.”

The 3D printed flank steak is designed to make plant-based alternatives palatable to meat lovers thanks to its texture and taste.

Not only its taste but also its versatile preparation methods are expected to win over consumers. The 3D printed flank steak is suitable for frying, grilling, baking, and deep-frying. Its nutritional profile and ethical production are equally impressive. With 25 grams of protein per 100 grams, around 3 grams of fiber, and no cholesterol, this vegan meat substitute is exceptionally lean. It boasts a Nutri-Score of A and is packed with flavor!

The flank steak is produced using a patented 3D printing process that combines wheat, soy, and potato proteins with soy and wheat flour, rapeseed oil, corn starch, natural flavors, maltodextrin, barley malt, salt, and select colorants. Redefine Meat emphasizes that its products are 100% GMO-free and have a positive sustainability footprint. The plant-based steak generates 90% less CO2 emissions, uses approximately 96% less water, and consumes 98% less electricity than its animal-based counterpart. These impressive figures, combined with the product’s fibrous texture and meaty taste, aim to persuade more consumers, especially meat lovers, of the advantages of sustainable meat substitutes. Redefine Meat is committed to ensuring the highest quality in its products and promoting a shift towards plant-based alternatives.

“When we founded Redefine Meat six years ago, we had a bold and seemingly impossible target of launching a premium-quality steak for mass consumers to buy and cook at home,” said Eshchar Ben-Shitrit, CEO and co-founder of Redefine Meat. “Today marks a historic milestone in that journey, expanding the fast-growing new-meat category to give consumers direct access to chef-quality steaks. Having focused much of our journey to date on refining our products to meet the quality standards of the highest echelons of the culinary world, we’re proud to bring the fruits of this labor directly to consumers through our best-in-class retail partners.”

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*All Photo Credits: Redefine Meat

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