RAYSHAPE on the International Expansion of its 3D Printing Solutions

Published on October 26, 2022 by Madeleine P.
RAYSHAPE Expansion

It is abundantly clear that the additive manufacturing sector is growing every day. Indeed, this fact was already pointed out in the Wohlers report from this year, as it showed that the 3D printing market had registered even more extended growth and maturation compared to the previous year. This is really interesting, not only for the technological and R&D advances, but also for the impact it has on companies. One of those that is experiencing great growth and expansion is Asian manufacturer RAYSHAPE. With resin 3D printing solutions developed to meet the needs of different industries, RAYSHAPE has pursued a strong internal strategy over the past year in order to position itself as one of the leaders in this field. We spoke with its founder Zhen Liu to get a first-hand look at how the company has grown and where it stands with respect to the internationalization of its subsidiaries and its opening up to the European market.

3DN: Could you introduce yourself and tell us what this last year has been like for RAYSHAPE?

My name is Zhen Liu ”Bill”, and I am the founder of RAYSHAPE. The company just celebrated its three year anniversary as we founded it in 2019. This year was the start of the expansion strategy. We have taken two significant actions, expanding the dental product line by adding two more 3D printing solutions and setting up the UK and US subsidiaries.

Zhen Liu, ”Bill”, founder of RAYSHAPE

3DN: RAYSHAPE has recently experienced significant international growth, how are you managing this expansion, notably your arrival in the European market?

It was challenging, and we knew it would not be easy during this period. So, the key was maintaining communication and interaction with local users and partners and understanding their requirements to provide them with the right solutions. In order to achieve growth, we carefully choose our team and partners. Serge Gavrilov, General Manager of our London subsidiary, has more than five years of experience in Digital Dentistry and has a deep understanding of the needs of lab and dental practices. With our team in London, we are currently delighted with the responsiveness and quality support provided to our clients in the European market.

Serge Gavrilov next to RAYSHAPE 3D printing solutions

3DN: What are the objectives and goals you have set for the coming months?

RAYSHAPE plans to have a global distribution channel system worldwide in 2023. We’re working on finding partners who genuinely understand dentistry and are proficient in 3D printing technologies in order to innovate together. We believe that our dental solutions can bring tremendous value to the market.

3DN: You have a strong presence in the digital dentistry sector, how do you see the future of 3D printing in this field?

After nearly ten years of development, from aesthetic diagnosis and treatment projects such as invisible orthodontics to restoration projects such as implant guides, temporary crowns, and removable dentures, 3D printing technology has fully proved its value in the field of dentistry. The trend of dental digitization is continuing to penetrate the European and North American markets, but it is far from reaching its peak and has a broad market space in other parts of the world. With the continuous iteration of 3D printing technology and new business models, this technology will become more prominent and essential for dental practices and labs.

3DN: Could you give us a glimpse of the projects RAYSHAPE is working on?

After launching Edge E1, the new LCD Dental 3D printer available in the European market this month, we are upgrading our post-processing products and supporting tools to increase post-processing efficiency and improve the working environment. At the same time, we are also working on expanding the LCD 3D printer product line to meet the needs of different applications.

Some of the 3D printers developed by the company (photo credits: RAYSHAPE)

3DN: Any last words for our readers?

First, I thank you, the 3D natives’ team, and your readers, for this interview. We will attend Formnext this year, so I invite our partners and people interested to learn more to visit us. Also, RAYSHAPE UK will have an open day event in November after Formnext. You can learn more on our website HERE.

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*Cover Photo Credits: Rayshape

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