3D Printed Revival of PUMA Mostro Sneaker Shown at New York Fashion Week

Published on February 19, 2024 by Madeleine P.

Time and again, we have seen manufacturers design and develop 3D printed shoes. Now, famed shoe designer Puma has also jumped on the additive manufacturing bandwagon. At New York Fashion Week, the company presented a 3D-printed version of its Mostro shoe, which was launched back in 1999, giving the popular model from the 2000s a comeback. As part of its “Welcome to the Amazing Mostro Show”, Puma succeeded in combining nostalgia with 3D printing in an impressive way.

Last fall, Puma launched the new Mostro collection as part of a collaboration with Ottolinger, a Berlin-based fashion brand. Then, in September 2023, it became available in a pop-up store in Paris. Since the beginning of the year, a new edition of the shoe model in light grey and bright yellow colors has also been available at a few retailers.


The reinvented Mostro sneaker from Puma

At fashion week, Puma presented its new diverse creations of the Mostro, whose name comes from the Italian word for monster. The special feature of the re-release of the old Mostro model is a combination of the traditionally familiar shoe – which was known for its spiked sole and Velcro top – with innovative new features such as 3D printing. Puma thus succeeded in rethinking the still popular fashion of the eighties and nineties while still bringing it into the modern era.

Puma’s Nostalgic and Innovative Mostro Sneaker

At first glance, it may seem difficult to imagine the shoe with a variety of ready-to-wear looks, according to Maria Valdes, Chief Product Officer at Puma. In order to show the reimagined Mostro in the widest possible variety of clothing combinations, 56 different looks were presented at the show, some of which can be seen in Puma’s upcoming Fall 2024 catalog.

In the looks shown, particular emphasis was placed on designing the most unusual creations of existing pieces, such as their T7 tracksuit with oversized pants and shrunken jackets. Most of the looks at the Puma show also tended to be in simpler colors. Puma creative director Heiko Desens had the following to say about the new model:

After all the oversized sneakers, chunky dad shoes and the outdoor trend, it was clear that the low profile was going to make a massive comeback. We’ve just been waiting patiently, and now it’s here. […] [Consumers] are fed up with the last decade of uniform clothing. We all know which shoes have dominated fashion and streetwear for the last 10-15 years. They don’t want to conform to that anymore.”

In the next two months, Puma also plans to launch the “Ecstasy Pack”, which will stand out with particularly bright colors, according to the Desens. To keep up to date with the Mostro shoe collection, visit Puma’s website HERE.

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*Cover Photo Credits: PUMA

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