Pitch 3D from 3DHEALS in In (3D) ustry, boosting the medical sector

Published on October 9, 2018 by Michelle J.
Pitch 3D

3DHEALS is a platform for 3D printing and bioprinting specialised in the health sector. This platform is already known for its different events in the USA and has joined up with partners like IN (3D) USTRY. Several European countries has also partnered with IN (3D) USTRY in its third edition. Thanks to their relationship, the US platform will host the health sector of the event. In addition to the presentation of various themes of the sector, 3DHEALS will lead a 3D Pitch in which outstanding startups in the sector will be awarded.

The main goal of In (3D) ustry according to Miquel Serrano, Director of the event, is “to encourage the use of additive manufacturing at an industrial level“. One of the industries that has grown the most in recent years is the medical sector. According to the ‘ Medical AM3DP 2018 Annual Report’ more than 97% of medical 3D printing professionals expect applications and the use of 3D technologies to continue to grow. In the last 7 years alone, the number of hospitals in the United States that installed a 3D printing center increased by 3200%. Showing a clear direction for the implementation of 3D printing in the states.


The medical sector in additive manufacturing is in full growth

Due to the above, In (3D) ustry could not stay behind and decided to promote the medical sector by joining 3DHEALS to enhance its development. For its part, 3DHEALS began in 2015, with the creation of a global ecosystem of 3D printing for medical care and bioprinting through events, educational programs and online content. Its goal is to facilitate and bring together global innovations of multidisciplinary collaboration in medical 3D printing and help quality control, standardisation and the expansion of 3D printing within this sector. The two entities have gone together to further promote the progress, with projects such as the 3D Pitch competition.

Pitch 3D from 3DHEALS

The 3D Pitch made between In3DUSTRY and 3DHEALS will accept 10 startups within the health sector. Whether additive manufacturing or bioprinting. It will also include companies dedicated to the development of 3D visualisation tools (for example, VR / AR) or a combination of these, they also include companies dedicated to the development of software, hardware or oriented material. It is only requested that the participating startups are in an early stage of financing.

Pitch 3D will have a specialised jury that will include prominent personalities from the industry such as: Dr. Jenny Chen, founder and CEO of 3DHEALS; Jessica A. Zeaske, Director of Healthcare Investments at GE Ventures; Ramón Pastor, Vice President and General Manager of Multi Jet Fusion of HP; among many others.


Up to 10 startups in the medical sector and 3D printing will be able to participate

The winning startups within Pitch 3D will be able to obtain the following:

  • GE Ventures: 90 minutes of training in the company and the opportunity to present the project to the GE Ventures Healthcare team. Opening the possibility of interacting with experts and investors.
  • 3DHEALS: Possibility of making a 3D Pitch online (company profile and launch video will be promoted on the home page) with initial funding potential. Development of the strategy at the hands of Jenny Chen. Possibility of interacting with networks and expert investors of 3DHEALS.
  • Medicus Ventures: 30-minute launch meeting with the MV team. Potential for initial financing. Training of up to 60 minutes on launch and strategy of the company.
  • A cash prize is also expected. Still pending to be defined.

To be part of the selection of 3DHEALS Pitch 3D startups, the registration deadline will be October 15th . It can be done by sending an email to [email protected] or in the following link. Pitch 3D will be part of In (3D) ustry on October 17 from 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.


Second edition of In(3D)ustry, From Needs to Solutions

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