The new Origin One 3D printer for high-volume production

Published on May 21, 2019 by Carlota V.
Origin One

Origin, the Californian startup that developed its Open Additive Production platform to offer a new manufacturing method based on open materials, expandable software and modular hardware, with the aim of meeting the demand for better quality materials and customisation, just made a big announcement. The company revealed that it has now launched a new 3D printer: the Origin One. The Origin One is based on Programmable Photopolymerization (P3) technology and has a not so large but quite tall building volume of 192 x 108 x 350 mm.

The company has also announced a new partnership with ECCO, one of the largest shoe manufacturers in Denmark. This new SLA/DLP 3D printer aims to make high-volume 3D printing possible as explained by Jakob Møller Hansen, Vice President Research & Development at ECCO, “We expect Origin’s open additive approach will enable us to reduce development time, lower costs, and accelerate our time-to-market.”

Founded in 2015, the US startup identified the issue of closed solutions in the additive manufacturing sector. For example, manufacturers producing materials exclusively compatible with their machines. To meet this challenge, the startup had the brilliant idea of creating a platform that would take the form of an open ecosystem to offer custom-made materials. Its broad network of partners allowed the platform to expand its range of materials considerably. In addition, the platform provides manufacturing customers flexibility in terms of the parts they can produce, higher printing speed and more efficient post-processing.

Its last partnership with BASF showcased exactly that. At the time, Arnaud Guédou, Commercial Director of Photopolymer Solutions at BASF 3D Printing Solutions has said, “We’re really excited about Origin’s open platform and are investing a lot in this partnership. We plan to work with Origin to optimize our photopolymers and other additive materials to create a whole series of new options for high volume manufacturers.”

This time around, Origin is partnering with ECCO to develop a new approach to manufacturing footwear. ECCO will be using Origin’s 3D printing platform with BASF’s materials at their Research & Development department in Denmark. The Origin One should be used by clients across different industries from automotive, industrial and contract manufacturers and even government organisations.

A sample printed by Origin with materials developed by BASF | Source: Origin

Finally, the company explains on their website, “Unlike existing industrial additive equipment from companies like Carbon and 3D Systems, Origin provides modular, scalable hardware and software supplemented by an open materials network which will lean on leading chemical experts to expand the choice of materials available to manufacturers. By decoupling material development and printing, Origin delivers a far broader choice-set of materials specifications (including custom materials), at costs sufficiently lower to enable mass production. Today Origin’s customers can choose from resilient elastomers, silicones, high heat, and high impact materials ready for end use applications.”

You can find more information HERE.

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