OKM3D Strengthens its Expertise on the European 3D Printing Market

Published on June 30, 2021 by Madeleine P.

The German company OKM3D is expanding its network throughout Europe with the signing of two new distribution agreements: the first with Anisoprint for the whole of Europe; the second with Shining3D for France, Benelux and England. The agreements will allow the company to expand its portfolio with a range of machines, including those compatible with continuous fiber materials. These materials are known to be more resistant than standard plastics and lighter than certain metals.

OKM3D is one of the largest European distributor, currently mastering a wide range of additive manufacturing technologies. With offices in Germany and France and a total storage area of 10,000 m2 spread over 3 logistical centers, the distributor has developed a real logistic expertise and a strong network of specialized resellers to cover all the needs of professionals customers in Europe. While it already had a strong partnership with Raise3D, it continues its growth by formalizing distribution agreements with the Russian manufacturer Anisoprint and the Chinese Shining3D for its scanner range.

OKM3D Europe

Photo Credits: Anisoprint

Democratizing continuous fiber 3D printing

Composite additive manufacturing offers real advantages to manufacturers, in particular the ability to produce very strong and light complex parts. Today, there are a few players who have developed specific solutions to enable continuous fiber printing and thus deposit the fiber exactly where the part needs to be reinforced. Anisoprint is one of them and offers a range of desktop 3D printers: The Composer A4 and A3.

The Russian brand’s machines are calibrated to print carbon fibers reinforced, filled nylon parts. They are 30 times more resistant than a standard plastic while being 2 times lighter than aluminum. The particularity of Composer is its open system: it is possible to use other thermoplastics such as PETG, ASA or TPU but also other fibers such as basalt. Anisoprint is also developing a high-performance machine, Prom IS 500, which will be compatible with PEEK or carbon fiber reinforced PEI.

Photo Credits: Anisoprint

Thanks to this new distribution agreement, OKM3D aims to democratize the use of this technology and thus meet the challenges and needs of manufacturers throughout Europe. Fedor Antonov, CEO of Anisoprint Sarl, adds: “Our solutions are helping to fix supply chain issues, reduce costs and lead times to hundreds of customers around the globe, but Europe is still the most important, home, market for us. With OKM3D we are significantly expanding our presence in the EU. With their unique expertise in distribution, support and service alongside a large customer and reseller network, we can bring our solutions to every corner of Europe to help industrial customers and researchers efficiently solving their problems.”

Shining3D conquers Europe

The Chinese manufacturer Shining3D also relies on OKM3D’s expertise to expand its presence in Europe, particularly in France, Benelux and England. The company has developed a wide range of products, from 3D scanners to DLP printers and dedicated 3D software.

Niels Stenzel, Regional Sales Manager EMEA, SHINING 3D, commented: “SHINING 3D is happy to announce a new partnership with the distributor OKM3D in France, Benelux and the UK. OKM3D is one of the leading distributors of 3D printers in Europe and will help our resellers to grow thanks to their team of experts. We are delighted to be able to expand our sales network with such a skilled and reliable partner.”

OKM3D’s objective is to expand its professional 3D scanners. It thus covers the entire value chain of additive manufacturing to enable the development of high value-added applications. You can find all OKM3D offers on its official website HERE.

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