Nourish3D and Colgate Unveil a 3D Printed Food Supplement for Better Oral Hygiene

Published on March 24, 2022 by Madeleine P.

While 3D printing is regularly in the news in the health sector, it is currently rare to see the technology associated with dietary supplements and oral care. That’s why Nourish3D, a British company specializing in 3D printed dietary supplements, has partnered with Colgate, the world-famous toothpaste company. Together, the two companies want to combine their expertise and 3D print dietary supplements with the same agents found in Colgate products. Called Nutristacks, this product combines food benefits and oral health.

Through this partnership, and the production of Nutristacks, Nourish3D hopes to help users to “Achieve on-the-go, better oral health whilst nourishing your mind & body. All in one tasty, refreshing & convenient chew.” The two companies behind the project specify however that Nutristacks is not intended to replace daily tooth brushing, but to bring a real added value to oral hygiene, helping users to target specific problem areas similar to using mouthwash. In fact the companies suggest that the vitamins be used in addition to a robust oral hygiene routine which includes visiting a dentist at least twice a year, limiting sugary and acidic foods, flossing after brushing and of course brushing twice a day.

Nutristacks consist of seven different layers in total, 3D printed. (Photo credits: Nourish3d)

Composition of the Nutristacks

The chewable tablets, which look like dishwasher tablets, are composed of arginine, xylitol, B12, CoQ10 and calcium. The ingredients are not only food additives, but also essential vitamins, such as calcium, which is the most important mineral in the body The chewies are made-to-rder with scientifically backed ingredients and 12 patented technologies to ensure that consumers will receive

99.5% or more of the nutritional value they need. Additionally, in order to address different concerns, Nourish3d and Colgate have developed different versions of Nutristacks, which, depending on the ingredients, provide different effects. Consumers can choose from Zen, Immunity, Glow, Focus and Energy. Each type as you might expect targets a different purpose, as the names suggest, with different vitamins added depending on the needs of the customer.

Each Nutristacks is composed of a total of seven different layers, each 3D printed and composed of different vitamins and nutrients. However, when it comes to 3D printing process used, Nourish3D remains discreet at the moment. For the moment available in mint and lemongrass flavors, the food supplements are marketed in batches of 28 and at a price of €41. And for those who would like to consume them repeatedly, it is also possible to subscribe in order to receive the capsules regularly. You can find more information on the website HERE.

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*Cover Photo Credits : Nourish3d

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