Nexa3D’s New SLS Solution Optimizes Productivity With Even Faster Print Speeds

Published on November 18, 2021 by Mikahila L.
Nexa3D QLS 350 ultrafast polymer 3D printers

Already renown for their ultrafast polymer 3D printers, Nexa3D decided to up the ante with their latest launch — the QLS 350 thermoplastic 3D printer. During this year’s Formnext in Frankfurt, the California headquartered company announced the pre-launch of its QLS 350 selective laser sintering (SLS) system. Astoundingly, Nexa3D was able to achieve even faster print speeds with this new offering. The QLS 350 separates the printing process for the cooling period which optimizes productivity allowing for greater throughput per machine.

When comparing Nexa3D’s latest launch to traditional thermoplastic printing methods, the QLS 350 stands out for its significant cost savings and ability to bring production to scale. We wanted to address the problems associated with traditional SLS systems, such as lack of modularity and flexibility. This includes the biggest bottleneck caused by these systems — the need to print and cool parts in the same machine,” said Kuba Graczyk, Head of QLS business at Nexa3D. “The made to measure, exchangeable unit in the QLS 350 removes this bottleneck, enabling manufacturers to continue operations while a part cools, a big step forward for SLS systems.”


Nexa3D team at Formnext 2021 in Frankfurt, Germany.

Ultrafast Polymer 3D Printers

This new solution from Nexa3D can be most directly compared to traditional injection molding. The QLS 350 employs polymer-based production alternatives with standard materials such as PA11 and PA12. These are direct replacements for injection molding-grade materials. Also worth noting is that Nexa 3D’s QLS 350 is compatible with higher-temperature materials, including the popular PA6. The machine is able to process at temperatures up to 240 degrees Celsius (460+ degrees Fahrenheit). 

In terms of software, the QLS 350 solution has quite a bit to offer. The system’s KPI dashboard monitor allows users to measure business-critical metrics such as machine uptime, build success rate, and number of parts printed. Even more impressive, the system has the ability to trace printer data to a specific part. With this, machine performance can easily be tracked across a fleet of printers. “Additive manufacturing is still fairly new to the production floor, meaning that customers are often concerned that the equipment will not deliver consistent quality — this is now a worry of the past,” explained Graczyk. “The QLS 350 is easy for users to operate continuously while benefiting from the software that provides real-time data on the parameters influencing part quality. You can learn more about this pre-launch product HERE.


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Photo Credits: Nexa3D

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