Neutrogena’s MaskID Project is Making Great Strides

Published on March 11, 2021 by Madeleine P.

In 2019, the American cosmetic brand Neutrogena announced that it wanted to develop a 3D printed (and therefore personalized) face mask. We are happy to tell you that the project is progressing! Called MaskID, the 3D printed mask is entering beta testing and is now open to the public. And in order to choose the future testers, the American company has decided to use social networks. Anyone who is part of Neutrogena’s Facebook group “A Look Behind the Bar” can register to be a beta tester and people will be selected on a first come first served basis to be among the first to discover Neutrogena’s personalized mask.

It was at the 2019 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) that Neutrogena first unveiled the MaskID project. Then considered as just a fledgling idea, day after day the project is advancing, demonstrating the full extent of the possibilities that 3D printing can bring to the world of cosmetics. Logan McGill, marketing director of Neutrogena Skin Tech, definitely would agree. “Skin care is constantly evolving and Neutrogena is leading the charge to educate consumers on the next generation of skin health, which is personalization. With a single scan, Neutrogena Skin360 analyzes more than 2,000 facial attributes and, with this information, can identify the user’s personalized needs through Neutrogena MaskiD. “


A 3D camera can capture the smallest details of a face (photo credits: Neutrogena)

MaskID: Take Photo, Send, Print 

Usually used in the medical field, bioprinting also has its role to play in the cosmetic sector. In any case, this is what Neutrogena wants to prove with the MaskID. The creation of the personalized mask takes place in 3 steps. First, the user must take a picture of his or her face with a smartphone. A picture where the precise shapes of the face must appear, so that the unique features such as the space between the eyes, the shape of the nose or the lips are easily identifiable. A method reminiscent of the latest project by Sennheiser and Formlabs, who are designing customized 3D printed earphones. Next, the Neutrogena Skin 360™ system analyzes the data to identify what the user’s skin needs are. This step allows Neutrogena’s system to come up with a list of beneficial ingredients for the user, and where to apply them.

Finally, an additive manufacturing process – patent pending – prints the Neutrogena Skin 360™’s chosen ingredients onto the custom hydrogel mask and ensures that they are applied to the pre-identified areas. In fact, the cosmetics company has already revealed which products were used for the MaskID. There are various ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C or chamomile. As Neutrogena explains, these products help to care for and beautify the skin of users. You can join A Look Behind the Bar HERE.

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