BCN3D’s successful year reflects on a larger trend of growth in the 3D printing sector

Published on January 21, 2021 by Madeleine P.

For the additive manufacturing industry, 2020 has been a year of great change, both positive and negative. Many companies have taken advantage of their capabilities to grow in the sector, while others have not been able to withstand the impact of the global pandemic. However, one of the companies that has shone the most throughout 2020, clearly reflecting growth in the 3D printing industry, is BCN3D, a Barcelona-based company, that has managed to expand its capacities and resources thanks to their recent incredible growth. This is more proof that the additive manufacturing industry is continuing to grow and gain momentum despite obstacles that may arise.

BCN3D, a leading 3D printing solution provider, closed 2020 with record growth. In fact, to support their expansion, they opened a new center and hired 70 new employees, doubling their workforce. Today, they have a total of 150 workers and, it is this expansion of their workforce, which has forced BCN3D to move to new facilities near the city of Barcelona. This space will be used to develop their industrial manufacturing capabilities and will be dedicated to the production of the company’s 3D printing solutions.

Bcn3D 2020

In the last year, BCN3D has seen impressive business growth

Another of the company’s achievements in the fourth quarter was the incorporation of 11 new international sales partners. This expansion solidified BCN3D’s presence in more than 60 countries. Among the new distributors are: 3DGBIRE, Crea3D, Distrinova, Yuchu 3D, Parametric Designs and Solutions, Systematics, iGo3D Russia, Norde Pasante, Printhoek 3D, 3D Printing Tunisia and 3D Mart. The new distributors are located in a variety of countries among them the UK and Ireland, China, India and Israel, showing BCN3D’s growth in the international market. In addition, BCN3D obtained financing of 2.8 million euros through an investment led by several organizations, among which are the Mondragón industrial group and the CDTI. This occurred just a year after its split from CIM-UPC.

The continuous commercial growth registered by the company occurred in parallel with the development of the product portfolio that has been completely renewed with the introduction of the new 3D printing machines, the Epsilon and Sigma series. These solutions combine improved performance, professional-level reliability, and total accessibility for proper everyday use. Xavier Martínez, CEO of the company, comments: “The year 2020 was an exciting year for BCN3D as we continued to capitalize on our market opportunities and successfully executed our aggressive growth objectives. I look forward to our business growth in the additive manufacturing market continuing to accelerate in 2021.”

The new Epsilon and Sigma series (photo credits: BCN3D)

It seems that the growth of the company will continue for a long time. It reflects a larger trend in the industry where we can see that in the additive manufacturing sector there has been significant growth in the past year, even more notable when you consider the current economic and health crisis. The increased investment in the industry especially showed the incredible trust being placed in the 3D printing industry as a whole. You can find out more about BCN3D through their website HERE.

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