Milkshake3D the new 3D printer for artists

Published on April 7, 2017 by Alexandrea P.

Ori Lab is a Hong Kong based company that began a financing campaign through Kickstarter for their 3D printer, the MilkShake3D. This is one of the first SLA printers using top down printing, a key feature that has made their current campaign a success.

The Chinese Company was founded by a group of artists and 3D engineers who wanted to create a 3D printer that could meet their needs that were not being filled, by creating a 3D printer that was made specifically for artists and designers. After a year of research, development and improvements, the printer will finally be able to come to life.


What sets MilkShake3D’s printer apart from other machines is their printing system. What’s special about this system is that they have incorporated a tray that shrinks while the 3D printer is running. Offering better stability during printing and therefore an impressive level of detail throughout the object.


Following along with this innovative method, their machine also has a large print volume when compared to most SLA printers, reaching a volume of 288 x 162 x 160 mm, with the ability to be adjusted to create smaller objects (such as jewelry). The print resolution of the MilkShake3D is very high as well from between 20 to 100 microns, including an XY accuracy of 50 microns. In addition to this, the printer also includes a resin cleaning system that provides smooth surfaces, saving time when printing multiple parts.

In terms of software, the creators of the MilkShake3D also created their own software, the Milkshake App. This software has a powerful slicer that is capable of cutting out three times faster than their competitors, automatically creates supports and offers better finishes overall. The development of this software was carried out by the creators of ZBrush, which can be found on the 25 most popular software in the 3D industry. The 3D printer is also compatible with different operating systems and offers Wi-Fi connectability.

Orbi Lab does not only offer the MilkShake3D as they also offer a variety of resins such as: Espresso and Mocha, Strawberry and Mango Cast (for artists) and fast processing resins (for jewelry makers).


The goal of the MilkShake3D campaign was reached after only 4 days and has gone past their goal of $365,300 to reach $644,70s (as of the time of this being published), with still 24 days to go. I think it’s safe for us here at 3Dnatives to say that this may go on our list of the TOP 10 best resin 3D printers!

If you’re are interested then check out their Kickstarter campaign here.

Check out their machine in action below:

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