Lite3DP S1, an affordable MSLA micro 3D printer

Published on December 17, 2020 by Carlota V.

Lite3DP has launched a new micro 3D printer. Sold in DIY kit form, the small compact Lite3DP S1 is designed for makers and enthusiasts. It is undoubtedly one of the smallest MSLA printers on the market, measuring 100 x 100 x 150 mm, and weighing only 350 grams. It can be held in the palm of your hand. Unlike other 3D printers, the Lite3DP S1 is really adapted to any kind of office or work space. Crowdfunded, the Lite3DP S1 will undoubtedly meet with some success. But those in a hurry will have to be patient, as the 3D micro-printer will only be available at the end of June 2021

As you probably know, the majority of SLA 3D printers have a relatively low build volume but offer much higher accuracy and resolution than, for example, FDM machines. The Lite3DP S1 machine is no exception. With a build volume of 45.1 x 33.8 x 70 mm, the machine focuses on detail rather than size. You won’t be printing large volumes, but the parts will most likely be more precise. Available for pre-order starting at $89, without micro SD card or resin, delivery is free anywhere in the United States. For other countries, shipping is possible for $15 more.

Lite3DP S1 is one of the smallest MSLA machines on the market | Photo Credits: Lite3DP

Features of the Lite3DP S1

Available as a kit to be assembled, the 3D micro-printer is designed to be accessible and easy to use. “It is a simple machine, designed for experimentation and allows a deep and complete understanding of its operation,” explains Lite3DP. Additionally, this MSLA printer is open-source. This is a wish of the manufacturer, for whom accessibility is the most important feature of 3D printing.

Masked Stereolithography Lithography (MSLA) technology offers a high printing quality and almost perfect silence according to Lite3DP. The MSLA works by projecting a light from UV LEDs through an LCD screen to mask areas where the resin should not be solidified. As for the materials to be used, the 3D micro-printer works with all brands of 405 nm UV resins.

Finally, the small machine is equipped with a linear guide offering more precision. It also incorporates a magnetic fastening system to hang the tray and start printing more easily. For those who wish to see the 3D micro-printer in action, you can check out the following video!

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