Link3D releases 3D printing post-production management app

Published on October 19, 2020 by Aysha M.
Link3D mobile app

Link3D, one of the leading additive manufacturing workflow software providers, has recently announced the launch of a mobile application designed to help manufacturers manage post-production workflow. Aiming to give companies more control over their manufacturing processes, the new app is a good addition to Link3D’s existing offering of Additive Manufacturing Execution System (AMES), order and costing system, quality management capabilities, production planning tools, and data analytics features.

Simply put, Link3D is the AMES software for managing workflow and optimizing 3D production, both internally and externally. With it, customers can accelerate response time, maximize machinery utilization rates and provide a superior experience by enabling access to the supply chain. Link3D’s software can be differentiated into two types, depending on the function. The first is dedicated to OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), offering production planning solutions to help companies build, and develop their projects with additive manufacturing. The second is for service bureaus, where they offer a superior customer experience with faster response rates and additive manufacturing production management solutions. But what exactly can the users do with the latest Post Production Management App?

Link3D mobile app

All image credits: Link3D

With the Post Production Management App, users can – among other things – track the labor and machine hours required to complete post-processing for parts and work orders. They also have access to a real-time view of post-production. Furthermore, the manufacturers will be able to review and update the status of each production and shipping step, manage yield by tracking how many parts have been completed at each work centre and track failure reasons for each work centre. There are also features that allow checklists to be completed, documentation and images to be uploaded for traceability purposes.

Link3D believes these capabilities will help manufacturers to scale their additive manufacturing processes and apply a ‘streamlined flow for the quick and efficient management of 3D printed parts’. “We have seen the Post Production app streamline the post-processing steps and increase the traceability without adding overhead to every task,” commented Lara Janse van Vuuren, Technical Program Manager at Link3D. “The paper trail is eliminated without losing the sign offs and accountability for each step after the printing process.”

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