Link3D Announces New IoT Platform AMWatch, Designed to Improve Quality Control in AM

Published on April 29, 2021 by Madeleine P.

Link3D, an industry-leading SaaS-based MES manufacturer, has announced today that it is launching its AMWatch IoT platform. The new platform is expected to improve and automate quality management systems, enabling manufacturers to more consistently print high quality end-use parts, ideal for sectors like aerospace. MES solutions have been growing in popularity in the AM sphere as companies have realized that they greatly improve not just user experience during printing, but also the quality of the resulting parts, as the softwares help to pinpoint and fix anomalies in the production process. Link3D in particular is one of the most popular companies for additive manufacturing workflow software solutions in the market.

MES softwares, or additive manufacturing execution systems, are a key part of advancing AM in the manufacturing world. These platforms can perform a variety of tasks notably managing each step of the production process. They are popular because they do not just manage workflow (crucial for companies who are mass producing parts using 3D printing) but also optimize 3D production, notably identifying faults in parts significantly reducing errors thus enabling manufacturers to produce end-use parts.


AMWatch in action on an EOS machine (photo credits: Link3D)

This is the goal as well for AMWatch, which will enable direct interaction with AM Machines to monitor the progress of builds, derive insights from sensor data and improve and automate quality management systems. Among the highlights of the new software, Link3D highlights “Real-time visibility of environmental conditions that can impact part quality and can monitor job completion status; aggregation of data cross technology platforms to compile the data-set for predictive analytics’ and historical build and production information allowing for statistical process control (SPC) to guide qualification requirements.” AMWatch is connected to Link3D MES, allowing customers to access data from their printers and observe operating conditions remotely.

Data seems to be the background of the project, as AMWatch is being toted as a way for users to improve the speed-to-market for qualified and certified parts thanks to insight from the platform. In the press release, the company notes that customers should be able to easily maintain part certification and uphold regulations, a key challenge in additive manufacturing. Link3D Co-founder and CTO, Vishal Singh, adds: “AMWatch™ can improve visibility to the additive production environment and provide more robust analytics for real-time decision making— ultimately leading to improved manufacturing yield rates, quality systems, and machine utilization. Link3D’s new product will enable organizations to establish the foundation of a data-driven additive manufacturing ecosystem.”

Already the platform is creating buzz in the industry, with major OEMs and AM companies commenting on the launch. For example, Stratasys and EOS have both mentioned that the platform can be integrated into their machines, allowing their customers to take advantage of the benefits. Additionally, Christopher Wiegen, Digital Transformation Engineering Manager at Sikorsky, a leading American global security and aerospace company working primarily on vertical aviation (like helicopters) elaborated on the importance of the product, stating: “At Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin company, 3D printer connectivity is a foundational tool enabling the real-time management of production requirements locally and across the enterprise. The ability to have real-time insight into and management of current production print queues is critical to meeting our customer objectives. The local and centralized enterprise dashboards with Lockheed Martin’s Intelligent Factory Framework and Link3D’s machine connectivity allows utilization management of Lockheed Martin’s extensive additive investment.” You can learn more about Link3D and its new platform HERE.

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Thumbnail Photo Credits: Link3D

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