Lamborghini Sian Roadster features 3D printed parts

Published on July 9, 2020 by Aysha M.
Lamborghini Sian Roadster 3D printed

One of the sectors that benefit the most from 3D printing technologies is the automotive industry. Additive manufacturing is often associated with affordability and speed, so many car manufacturers use this technology to produce car parts cheaper and faster. Meanwhile, Lamborghini is associated with anything but affordability – the brand is the definition of high-end expensive sports cars. Nevertheless, the company still actively uses additive manufacturing because AM offers more than just saved costs and rapid production, for Lamborghini 3D printing represents endless opportunities of customization. Previously, the brand has collaborated with Carbon to build 3D printed parts for Sian FKP 37. Yesterday, the 8th of July, Lamborghini introduced Sian Roadster, so let’s take a closer look at the stunning new model.

Lamborghini Sian Roadster 3D printed

Image credits: Lamborghini

The Sian Roadster was presented in Blu Uranus color, representing blue skies and green lands. The wheels are completed in Oro Electrum, the color chosen by Lamborghini to be associated with electrification, just like the name itself – Sian means “lightning bolt” in local Bolognese dialect.

In addition to the gorgeous looks, the Sian Roadster features more than one interesting technology. Firstly, its new-design air vents were manufactured using additive manufacturing technology. The 3D printed air vents will allow perfect customization – among other things, the customers will be able to have their initials integrated in the design of this indispensable part of the car.

Secondly, the Sián Roadster features a brand-new supercapacitor – an innovative technology allows storing ten times the power of a lithium-ion battery. The battery is located in the bulkhead between cockpit and engine, thus ensuring perfect distribution of weight. Three times more powerful than a battery of the same weight and three times lighter than a battery producing the same power, the supercapacitor only weighs 34 kg delivering a remarkable weight-to-power ratio of 1.0 kg/CV.


Creating 3D renders allows the designers at the Lamborghini Centro Stile to visualize exactly how the next model will look. (Image credits: Lamborghini)

In order to facilitate the flow of designing innovative solutions Lamborghini established Centro Stile department in 2004. The talented team from across the world works in close contact with the company’s Technical Office to maintain balance between form and function. To achieve complete perfection, the design usually passes several times from the initial sketch to the actual physical model. On the other hand, there is also Ad Personam department – a customization program that gives the clients the opportunity to create their own personalized Lamborghini cars.

Both Centro Stile and the Ad Personam departments work closely with every single Sián client with the goal to completely personalize the color and finish of their car, so that it perfectly reflects their personality. Basically, a customer could play with millions of possible combinations, customizing everything from the logo on the seat that may be hand stitched instead of branded, to the initials stitched inside the vehicle’s interior. You can find out more about the new model HERE.

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