New Kumovis R1 3D printer for medical and industrial applications

Published on August 10, 2019 by Carlota V.
kumovis r1

Kumovis is the German startup focused on delivering 3D printing systems for medical applications. They manufacture solutions for a variety of medical products, you can use their system for prototyping or to create personalised human implants. Recently, the company unveiled its new machine, the Kumovis R1, based on Fused Layer Manufacturing – a subtype of Fused Deposition Modeling –  developed for industrial & medical applications that use high performance plastics such as PEEK

Kumovis R1, for medical and industrial applications

In fact, this new 3D printer should enable medical technicians to develop products that fit their needs and meet the industry’s strict requirements. Some features of the machine include an integrated control and filter system with which users can create a clean room environment within the build chamber – an important feature to enable the manufacture of patient-adapted medical products that follow requirements. 

Example of cranial implant, 3D printed using Kumovis’ system | Credits: Kumovis

Also, the R1 will come with a patented temperature management system. This system should allow users to heat up the build chamber homogeneously up to 482°F (250°C), improving on the layer adhesion amongst other things. Co-founder Stefan Leonhardt comments on the launch of Kumovis’ new machine and its features, “With the Kumovis R1, we are excited to provide medical technologists with a resource-efficient additive manufacturing system that meets their high requirements, and what is more, leads FLM processing of high-performance plastics to industrial maturity.” 

kumovis r1

The Kumovis R1 3D printer | Credits: Kumovis

This was also the occasion for the startup to partner with another startup, Hyperganic. Stefan Leonhardt continues, “In addition, with partners such as the software experts from Hyperganic, we will be able to provide rapid access to individualized medical products, and consequently help creating added value for patients and doctors alike.” The software-based print control, named Hyperganic Print, users will be able to optimise prints across the part. The interface has been developed to allow them to customise and automate their processes. 

The Kumovis R1 has been available since August 1st, 2019. You can find more information HERE

The founding members of Kumovis | Credits: Kumovis

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