KAV are Designing Safer, 3D Printed Bicycle Helmets

Published on April 25, 2022 by Clemens M.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve mentioned quite a few projects involving 3D printing and cycling. Already, we have taken a closer look at  more comfortable saddles, better bike prototypes, and more. Now, we wanted to introduce a brand new 3D printing application for all cycling enthusiasts. It is a 3D printed helmet by the company KAV Sports. For them, additive manufacturing is the future of 3D printed bicycle helmets.

The company, which already has a lot of experience in 3D printing field hockey helmets, recently developed a cycling helmet using similar technologies. At the last Sea Otter event in October 2021, which is one of the world’s largest cycling festivals, KAV presented a first prototype of the new helmet. The already fascinated audience was even more impressed when the company claimed that it could be delivered to the customer in a single day. However, despite all the benefits in terms of customization and speed, the resulting helmet was still a bit too heavy. Eager to change that, the teams focused on perfecting it for almost an entire year.

Photo Credits: KAV

The characteristics of the 3D printed helmet

The latest version of the 3D printed helmet is significantly different with a number of new advantages. For starters, it has been printed with a much finer surface finish, making it smoother than the previous version. By using 3D printing, they created a honeycomb structure and added extra reinforcement in key areas, such as the tubular cylinders, where the seals meet the front vent. This design is perfect in the event of an impact, as it increases protection values and also allows for great ventilation in the front of the helmet. According to KAV, their helmet exceeds helmet certification standards by 25-50%, making it a good choice for protection and safety.

If you are interested in buying a Portola helmet, keep in mind that it will set you back around $390.  The price may look a bit steep, but it’s a high-end helmet with a 5-year warranty and a free replacement program in case of an accident. Additionally, the team is still doing tests to come up with another even safer version! To find out more about the 3D printed helmet or other applications, visit the company’s website, HERE.

The 3D printed helmet was modeled with a honeycomb structure (photo credits: KAV)

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*Cover Photo Credits: KAV

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