Italian Cyclists To Compete in Paris 2024 With Pinarello 3D Printed Bikes

Published on May 10, 2024 by Isaac B.

This year’s sports calendar is packed with excitement, kicking off in June with the European Championships in Germany and swiftly followed by the Summer Olympics in Paris. Athletes worldwide are gearing up to deliver peak performances, relying on their teams for crucial support in their quest for success. Take the Italian track cycling team, for instance, whose sights are set on defending their ‘team pursuit’ title. To bolster their chances, they’ve enlisted the expertise of a fellow Italian manufacturer and integrated cutting-edge 3D printed bikes from Pinarello into their arsenal.

At the focus of this effort lies the Pinarello Bolide F HR 3D bike, a testament to technological advancement. Originally tailored for Filippo Ganna’s world hour track record attempt, it propelled him to shatter records with an astounding 56.792 km achieved on October 8, 2022. Ganna’s feat wasn’t solely reliant on his athletic prowess; it was also a testament to the power of top-notch equipment. Pinarello’s dedication to 3D printed bike technology, dating back to 2015, underscores their commitment to pushing boundaries. Today, they remain at the forefront of cycling innovation, driving progress in the realm of 3D printing for bicycles.

Bolide HR C.

3D Printed Frame for Millimeter Dimensions

Although the latest versions retain the original features of the Bolide F HR 3D, the Italian team’s bikes have been customized in terms of material. The women’s team will compete with the Bolide HR C, whose frame is made of carbon fiber. This allows them to pick up speed quickly. The men’s team, meanwhile, will compete on the Scalmalloy version of the Bolide F HR 3D bike. Scalmalloy has properties that can withstand the higher forces and speed of the male athletes and is optimized to meet their needs. Like the original F HR 3D model, the new editions have a 3D printed frame consisting of only five parts. Although the process used for the new editions has not been explicitly stated, it can be assumed to have been PBF, as in the pioneering version. The frame can be customized and adapted by 3D printing and enables unparalleled innovative aerodynamics. The AirFoil sections and AirStream technology are the main contributors to this.

The latter innovation draws inspiration from the natural world and stems from collaborative efforts between the University of Adelaide and their research partner, NablaFlow. Inspired by the distinctive protrusions of humpback whale fins, researchers integrated AeroNodes into the Pinarello bicycle’s seat post. This design feature effectively mitigates air resistance generated during pedaling, thereby enhancing the bicycle’s overall aerodynamics.

The AirFoil bottom bracket sections and wheel hubs are longer and thinner in the new versions, reducing frontal area and minimizing air resistance. Although innovative aerodynamic frame developments tend to favor forks and seat tubes, Pinarello has opted for narrower forks and seat tubes. This allows the frame weight to be minimized which translates into faster results. The handlebars have also been redesigned and lengthened to determine the athlete’s precise position for aerodynamic advantages.

Humpback whale-inspired curvatures for AirStream technology (left). Optimized frame with reduced frontal surface (right).

Despite the different material, the dimensions of the new versions remain faithful to the original and the bikes are available in three standard frame sizes. The two new Pinarello models are homologated and validated by the UCI. In addition, the bikes are not only available for athletic teams, but can also be purchased by the general public, bringing professional standards to advanced amateur cycling. To learn more about this project, click here.

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*All Photo Credits: Pinarello

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