IN(3D)USTRY: 3rd edition of the event, bringing actors of 3D printing together

Published on October 2, 2018 by Michelle J.
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This third edition of the “IN(3D)USTRY From Needs to Solutions”, is going to take place this month. The event that brings together the main actors of additive manufacturing in the world is happening in the city of Barcelona the next 16 to 18 October. After three years of showing us the novelties of the sector thanks to the conferences of the great personalities of the industry, it returns with much more strength and innovative proposals for the followers of the additive manufacturing.

To know all the news that IN(3D)USTRY brings us, we spoke this week with Miquel Serrano, Director of the Fair and a great promoter of additive manufacturing technologies.


Miquel Serrano

3DN: Could you tell us about the evolution of IN(3D)USTRY since its inception in 2016 to now?

Our objective is still the same as the first day: to encourage the use of additive manufacturing at an industrial level. At the same time, we provide a meeting space between the users and the different manufacturers and service providers to be able to innovate the additive manufacturing sector to the real needs of the end users. From the very first edition IN(3D)USTRY have been reinforcing its role as speaker of the best industrial applications in the different sectors covering: Automotive, Aeronautics, Health, Retail and Industry in general.

3DN: How did the idea of ​​creating an event about additive manufacturing come about?

It is in the DNA of Fira de Barcelona to be permeable to all the new tendencies present in the productive fabric and to the demands of the industry. In this sense, we detected 3D printing as a technology on the rise in industrial environments and decided to hold a pioneering event focused on the applications of this technology. Trying to show the realities from the point of view of the user industries beyond the anecdotes or the “hype”.


3DN: In this third edition, what new features will you present compared to previous editions?

After two very successful first editions focused mainly on additive manufacturing, this year we have opted to expand the focus and open ourselves to more sectors and industrial solutions. This way, traditional industrial sectors where additive manufacturing has a great potential for disruption such as the sector of molds and matrices and that of the transformation of plastic, robotics, of the industry, are incorporated into the offer of IN(3D)USTRY hand of the congress AYRI11 and we will also have an industrial cyber security contest called CyberEthicalDays.

At the level of speakers, this edition will feature leading representatives of leading companies such as KTM Technologies, CAF, ESA (European Space Agency), GE Ventures, Appreciate Pharmaceuticals or Deusche Bahn, among others, who will share their success stories with visitors stopping by.


3DN: Will you focus on a specific sector?

Our focus is the whole industry, without neglecting any of its subsectors. Although we make them a special focus on those sectors that are pioneers in adoption, our goal is to accelerate the use of 3D printing in all areas of the industry.

3DN: What will the IN(3D)USTRY Sponsor Workshops consist of?

The sponsor workshops help us to fill the gap between the leading applications that are presented in our main scenario and the reality of many industries that are considering the adoption of additive manufacturing. We will have presentations that will go from technological innovations of our sponsors and how to incorporate them   in their productive processes to cases of use treated in more detail and in a more didactic format.


3DN: What benefits has Spain had with the arrival of an event like IN(3D)USTRY within additive manufacturing?

Spain and Barcelona in particular have great potential to become a hub for digital transformation and industry 4.0 of southern Europe, with specific weight for additive manufacturing. In addition, Barcelona is a city open to the world and with an innovative spirit. It is a neuralgic point of transfer between science and technology, an international connection of reference between leading economies and emerging countries.

The work of IN(3D)USTRY From Needs to Solutions is precisely this: to contribute with our grain of sand to invigorate an already very rich ecosystem.


3DN: Do you have any last words to invite our readers to IN(3D)USTRY?

I would like to emphasize the fact that IN(3D)USTRY is an event focused on promoting the use of additive manufacturing, it is a space to learn, to exchange knowledge and to know the latest developments and applications of 3D printing. Therefore, I would like to invite all lovers of this revolutionary technology to attend the third edition of IN(3D)USTRY From Needs to Solutions, which will take place from October 16 to 18 at the Fira de Barcelona Montjuïc site , to continue growing this event together.


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