ICON Completes First 3D-Printed Home Sale in the US

Published on September 3, 2021 by Mikahila L.
ICON 3D printed home

Across the globe, 3D printed homes are being constructed at rapid speeds and Texas-based startup ICON is one of the leading players in the developments. In Austin, the East 17th Street Residences has ICON-built 3D-printed homes on the market. The fours homes were a collaboration between ICON and real estate developer 3strands. ICON proclaims that these are the “first 3D-printed homes for sale in the US and ready for move-in“. Already impressive, one of the four houses has already been sold.

The 3D-printed first floor of each home was built using ICON’s advanced material that is stronger and longer-lasting when compared to traditional building materials. The 3D printing technology provides more resilient homes that are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and disasters including fire, flood, and heavy winds—all constructed within weeks. “3D-printing technology provides safer, more resilient homes that are designed to withstand fire, flood, wind and other natural disasters better than conventionally built homes,” shared the company in a statement.

ICON 3D printed home

3D Printed Home Construction

As you may recall, ICON’s 3D printing technology is also being used to build a simulated Mars surface habitat. While the startup initially launched under the auspices of developing affordable housing, this particular 3D-printed home project from ICON includes housing in the range of $750,000—quite out of reach for most of the population. Within a walkable and bikeable community that is 3-miles from the bustling downtown Austin, there are four 3D-printed homes in the Austin, Texas development; two 2-bedroom homes and two 4-bedroom homes. The 2-bedroom properties are already under contract, and both of the 4-bedroom houses are still on the market.

Each house required roughly five to seven days to print and includes a private yard, covered parking spaces, large windows, and high-performance HVAC. The ground-floor walls were built using ICON’s Vulcan construction system with the Portland-cement-based material Lavacrete which created the striated surface layers. Addressing the concerns for aesthetics, the interiors of each house were designed by Austin-based interior designer Claire Zinnecker. “Drawing inspiration from the homes’ natural structural materials, wood, metal, and concrete, she chose a simplified color palette of green, white, and terracotta and fixtures that play off the natural materials,” ICON said. Learn more about these 3D printed homes built by ICON HERE.

ICON 3D printed home

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    How much will cost one 3d house for my husband and me,we are seniors one is disabled and we need just house of one sleeping room

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