Formnext Connect: what products are launching at the event?

Published on November 10, 2020 by Carlota V.
formnext connect

Formnext is undoubtedly the largest additive manufacturing event, bringing together players and users from all over the world every year to exchange and share the latest market innovations. The current context has obviously forced the organisers of the show to reinvent themselves and to imagine a virtual alternative: as of this morning, Formnext Connect has opened its doors, or rather its digital platform. Until 12 November, you can connect for free to attend conferences, discuss with various companies present and visit the virtual stands of 203 exhibitors: machine manufacturers, materials, printing services, software, resellers, the entire value chain will be represented. They will also be presenting their latest innovations and products. But what is there to see at Formnext Connect? We’ve selected a few announcements you won’t want to miss!

New product launches at Formnext Connect

Trade shows are always a good opportunity to present new products, whether it be 3D printers, materials, software or post-processing solutions. Even if this year’s edition is virtual, some exhibitors are no exception to the rule.

The Formnext Connect platform allows you to follow live round tables and conferences

New 3D printers

The Dutch manufacturer Ultimaker is launching a new machine, the Ultimaker 2+ Connect, very much inspired by its big sister but integrating Wifi or Ethernet connectivity, a touch screen and a stiffer build plate with a wide range of already saved print profiles. If we stay with the FDM machines, the manufacturer Smart3D is also taking advantage of Formnext Connect to present the Macro HT, a high temperature industrial 3D printer capable of designing parts with ULTEM, PEEK or PEKK. Its extrusion temperature can reach 500°C and the printing chamber 200°C.

Looking now at powder bed technologies, Prodways announces the availability of its SLS ProMaker P1000X 3D printer to all industrial players as well as compatibility with the entire catalogue of materials including flexible TPU, PA12, classic PA11, glass fibre reinforced PA11 and the new polypropylene PP1200.

On the metal side, the historic manufacturer SLM Solutions is presenting today at 4PM CET its new generation of metallic 3D printers, “the most productive selective laser fusion system on the market”. Finally, Mimaki will also announce today at 4PM during its conference the launch of a new machine – the manufacturer is specialised in the development of colour printing solutions based on Material Jetting technology.

SLM Solutions will present a new metal machine

Software and post-processing

The Franco-German company CoreTechnologie is using Formnext Connect to present the latest version of its 4D_Additive software, which now includes a new module, Advanced Lattice, to generate honeycomb, gyroid, star and many other lattice patterns for lightweight components while maintaining their mechanical properties.

Finally, on the post-processing side, Solukon introduces the SFP 770, a machine for removing powder from plastic parts and cleaning them quickly and easily. The Dutch company AM-Flow, a specialist in post-processing and automation, takes advantage of the virtual event to officially announce the launch of its AM-BAGGING service, an automated process that efficiently prints text, graphics and high-resolution barcodes directly onto bags, ready to be shipped. A solution that will accelerate existing processes from costly manual post-processing to automated production lines.

The new module of 4D_Additive


Evonik & HP will officially present their new elastomer, a high performance flexible powder for additive manufacturing, based on a thermoplastic amide (TPA) grade. It is a flexible and lightweight material characterized by its very low density and a Shore A hardness of 91, it’s also compatible with HP’s 4200 range.

If we stay with plastics, the German company Covestro will present new filaments for its Addigy® range, in line with a circular economy logic. Indeed, these materials will be either partially made from recycled plastics or manufactured with a maximum of 20% CO2. On the resin side, the manufacturer Photocentric and the chemist BASF will be able to tell more about their new Ultracur3D EPD range – Powered by Photocentric. The two new Ultracur3D EPD 1006 and Ultracur3D EPD 2006 resins offer high rigidity and flexibility and can produce soft parts that are difficult to break.

Finally, on the metal side, the manufacturer Fehrmann Alloy is taking advantage of Formnext Connect to tell us more about its new aluminium alloy, AlMgty-90, which is corrosion resistant, anodisable even in colour, and easy to polish.

Photocentric and BASF launch new range of resins for additive manufacturing | Credits: Forward AM

New partnerships

Formnext Connect is also an opportunity for some players to announce new strategic collaborations. This is the case of Stratasys and nTopology who are launching a series of accessible and customisable workflows around DfAM. The first tool developed is called the FDM Assembly Fixture Generator: it automates the design of templates and tools and allows engineers to quickly transform a 3D file into a print-ready tool by a simple “drag and drop”. It is available now via the nTop platform.

Finally, post-processing specialist DyeMansion will present its new partnership with Siemens, the industrial leader in automation systems. The manufacturer’s latest solution, Powerfuse S, for example, is already equipped with the latest Siemens automation technology to enable the use of various digital services. Together with the manufacturer EOS, they will present the first digital factory with SLS machines and industrial post-processing solutions for shoe production.

The future production plant

You can join the event for free HERE, to attend conferences and discover live all the novelties of the international exhibitors. Formnext Connect will close its doors on Thursday 12th November.  Are you going to take part in this new virtual edition? Let us know what you think in a comment down below or on our Facebook and Twitter pages! Don’t forget to sign up for our free weekly Newsletter.

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