Formify Is Using 3D printing to Improve the Experience of Video Game Players

Published on October 25, 2022 by Madeleine P.

According to a report published on April 19, 2022 by Newzoo, a company specializing in video game market data analysis, the E-sports sector is expected to grow by 21.8% compared to 2021. By the end of the year, it could reach $1.38 billion in revenues compared to $1.13 billion in 2021. With this steady increase expected to grow in the coming years, Canadian startup Formify has chosen to turn to 3D printing to change the gaming experience for professional and casual gamers. The company has developed a lightweight, custom-made ergonomic mouse designed to improve comfort and performance for users.

This mouse was manufactured in partnership with the printing company Hubs. Hubs used Multi Jet Fusion technology to design this product. Formify chose this technology to meet the growing demand in the industry as gaming accessories are a major performance asset for professional gamers. Alex Cappy, CEO of Hubs, commented, “Gaming is an enormous market that’s intrinsically tied to consumer electronics manufacturing. However, personalized design is still not an essential part of manufacturing for gaming. This presented an opportunity to the Formify team to bring unique, custom products to an industry sorely in need of such hardware innovation.”

3D printing video game

3D model to build an ergonomic mouse for a better hand position (photo credits: Formify)

Features of the Formify Mouse

The Formify mouse stands out thanks to its custom-made design. The process is simple: users must take a picture of the hand with which they will use the mouse. They then send this picture to Formify who will design a unique mouse shape, adapted to his hand. A software will simulate the most ergonomic position of the hand for the player and will prepare it for printing. Finally, the third step is to manufacture the custom design with Hubs’ 3D printing technology.

As far as the features of the mouse are concerned, Formify and Hubs have above all prioritized the comfort of the players. The two partners have chosen to use a very light nylon. The weight of the mouse is therefore reduced by half compared to a traditional mouse. It is 55 g instead of 100 g, but it can vary depending on the size of the hand. Its texture also allows a better grip and offers a unique look to the accessory. Finally, the mouse is equipped with the 3389 PixArt Sensor, one of the most reputable on the market. Formify is currently distributing its products to YouTubers and Twitch streamers. The mouse is expected to be released later this year. In the future, the company hopes to create other types of custom products like virtual reality headsets. You can find more information about Formify’s mouse HERE or HERE.


Inside the mouse (photo credits: Hubs)

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*Cover Photo Credits: Formify

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