The First 3D Printed Film Studio Incorporates Smart LED Lighting

Published on March 14, 2023 by Claire S.

We have already seen on several occasions that 3D printing is very useful in the field of architecture and design as it allows the creation of unique and complex structures that are often difficult to build in other ways. In addition, it allows creators to open new paths and possibilities in creative design. This is the case with the creation of the first 3D printed film recording studio with intelligent LED lighting, designed by Philipp Aduatz, a creator and designer from Vienna. His processes combine traditional craft concepts and techniques with cutting-edge tools such as 3D printing.

Philipp Aduatz was commissioned by The Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries Group to create a film studio using additive manufacturing. To accomplish this task, he collaborated with set designer Dominik Freynschlag and concrete 3D printer manufacturer incremental3d, using concrete 3D printing. They used 3D printing to create a structure with a complex and strong geometry, which provides uniform lighting throughout the space.

Creating the Smart Wall

Philipp Aduatz has developed a rather novel and interesting strategy by incorporating 3D printing and LED lighting to expand the possibilities of interior design. The 3D printing process combined manual and automated techniques to create a wall using an innovative white cement-based mortar. This wall was constructed from 60 individual segments that were joined together by ten pieces made by from six stacked units. The corrugated segments were perfectly coupled with each other and manually screwed together in each horizontal plane, which will allow the wall to be disassembled in the future if necessary. This is all thanks to 3D concrete printing.

This hybrid materials technique integrates a concrete wall measuring 630 cm wide, 330 cm deep and 230 cm high with a main lighting system consisting of 14 LED strips inserted horizontally into prefabricated joints. The lights are controlled in RGB color space, which allows changing colors and gradients in multiple combinations.

3D printed film studio

3D printing of the film studio. (Photo credits: Philipp Aduatz)

By using LED strips of the same thickness as the print layers, the lighting technology is seamlessly integrated into the wall design. Thanks to computer-assisted control, all LED elements are connected to the studio lighting system, allowing maximum use to be made of the advantages of the technology. In addition to adding complexity to the design, the use of 3D technologies opens up new opportunities and helps to create a unique atmosphere in the project.

The studio’s intelligent LED lighting can be controlled by an automation system, allowing the color temperature and light intensity to be adjusted according to the user’s needs. In addition, LED lighting consumes less energy than traditional light sources, which reduces long-term operating costs, improves the functionality of the space, and contributes to sustainability and energy efficiency. If you would like to find more information about this project and others by the artist, feel free to visit Philipp Aduatz’s website.

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*Cover photo credits: Philipp Aduatz.

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