Firestorm Labs and Greenjets Forge Path for Next Generation 3D Printed Drones

Published on June 20, 2023 by Avery S.

Firestorm Labs and Greenjets have joined forces to develop groundbreaking drone solutions through additive manufacturing. Firestorm Labs, known for their Modular Unmanned Aerial System (MUAS), aims to create a 100% additively manufactured UAV airframe and engine with the help of Greenjets’ expertise in electric propulsion. The collaboration will integrate Firestorm’s 3D printed interconnecting and interchangeable airframe components with Greenjets’ advanced ducted fan technology. By leveraging additive manufacturing, they seek to enable next-generation mass production and propulsion systems that are adaptable and cost-effective.

The use of 3D printing allows Firestorm Labs to produce drones with increased flexibility and speed, perfectly suited to meet the evolving needs of defense and security clients. Their computer-designed, 3D printed manufacturing process enables rapid modification of drone configurations, making it possible to fulfill a wide array of mission requirements. With the assistance of artificial intelligence and machine learning, components are efficiently created and assembled, providing an agile and responsive solution.

The partnership with Greenjets brings in their IPM propulsion architecture, renowned for its quiet and efficient performance. Greenjets’ additive manufacturing approach complements Firestorm’s vision by facilitating rapid customization and adaptation to different aircraft and mission scenarios. By combining their technologies, Firestorm and Greenjets aim to achieve 100% 3D printing of the entire UAV body and engine. This approach allows for the integration of multiple payloads and ensures mission success even in challenging environments.

The collaboration couldn’t come at a better time, as the demand for low-cost drone systems continues to rise. Traditional manufacturing methods struggle to keep up with this demand, and the ability to rapidly produce drones has become a crucial factor in conflict situations, as demonstrated in Ukraine. Firestorm Labs and Greenjets offer a unique solution to address this need, providing the US  Department of Defense and its allies with a competitive advantage.

The CEO of Firestorm Labs, Dan Magy, emphasizes the significance of their manufacturing mode in meeting the growing demand for UAVs. Their streamlined process allows for the production of a 25 lbs. capacity drone in just nine hours, with full testing completed in approximately 24 hours. This efficient production cycle enables delivery to end-users within 48 to 72 hours of ordering, ensuring timely deployment in critical situations. “The need for rapidly producing low cost systems is growing by the week. Traditional manufacturing approaches cannot scale to meet the growing demand for UAVs and as we see in Ukraine, conflict is now decided by who can build the most platforms the fastest. We believe a Firestorm-Greenjets solution gives the US Department of Defense and its allies a unique technology solution to win the next fight.” 

Greenjets’ Co-Founder, Anmol Manohar, shares the excitement for the partnership, highlighting the transformational potential of their combined vision for fast-paced additively manufactured UAS airframes and engines. With their sights set on launching this innovative solution in the coming months, Firestorm Labs and Greenjets are poised to revolutionize the drone industry and meet the evolving needs of defense and military clients. You can find out more in the press release HERE.

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*All photo credits: Greenjets/Firestorm Labs

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