WEBINAR: Optimizing Distributed Supply Chains Through Metal Additive Manufacturing

Thursday October 27th 2022, 16:00 to 17:00

The past few years have shown us some of the weaknesses in our global supply chain and the domino effect that can occur when they are disrupted. Nearly every industry has recently experienced supply chain challenges of their own, but the biggest concerns are key infrastructure industries like oil and gas, energy, and transportation. Many of the parts required to keep these industries in operation are only created by a few suppliers.

Using metal additive manufacturing, companies can create distributed supply chains where the parts they need can be produced across any number of locations, closer to where the parts are utilized. Engineers simply need access to a printer, powder, and a design file, and they can produce a variety of parts anywhere in the world. 3Dnatives’ next webinar “Optimizing Distributed Supply Chains Through Metal Additive Manufacturing” will look at some of the advancements the additive manufacturing industry has made in the past several years and how they’ve enabled the possibility of creating distributed supply chains for companies around the world. Join us along with Velo3D, a 3D printing manufacturer providing the industry’s most advance fully integrated metal 3D printing solution for mission-critical parts, on Thursday, October 27th at 4PM CEST/10AM EDT. Register for free!