International Conference on Advanced Manufacturing

Monday October 30th 2023 Friday November 3rd 2023
Hyatt Regency, Capitol Hill
New Jersey Ave, 400 20001 Washington, D.C

The International Conference on Advanced Manufacturing (ICAM) 2023 will take place in Washington, D.C on October 30- November 3rd. The event is the eighth annual edition, focusing on standardization and certification within advanced manufacturing, and considers the whole value chain.

The conference will consist of 26 symposia covering major topics and key areas in additive and advanced manufacturing. ICAM is organized by more than 100 scientific committee members, all advanced manufacturing experts from industry, academia, government and regulatory agencies, national labs, and more.

In terms of the themes covered, the event will have: industry standards, certification, innovation, data management, and the principles of design. Conference topics will range from aviation, defense applications, space, construction (on and off Earth), Energy, Maritime, and Oil & Gas, medical, design for AM, DED and its applications, economics and sustainability, and more.

The event is organised by Auburn University in collaboration with ASTM International.