How to choose your AM engineering grade material and 3D Printer?

Thursday 25 February 2021, 16:00 to 05:00

Out of the many necessary considerations when starting a 3D printing project, material and the necessary specifications for the printer are two of the most important, even more so when creating something that needs to be engineering-grade. Our next webinar “How to you choose your AM engineering grade material and 3D printer?” seeks to address this topic.
Join us on February 25th (4-5pm CET/10-11am EST) to discuss the requirements for choosing engineering grade material (PC, PC-CF, PA, PA-CF, and more) and 3D printer with Mateusz Sidorowicz, Filip Turzyński and Krzysztof Roguski from 3DGence (presenting their new 3D printer for the first time!). They will answer questions like: what is the importance of having dry material? Or why is a heated chamber necessary? As well as more through a designated Q&A session.